Xbox Live Turns 10, Microsoft Celebrates

Microsoft is celebrating 10 years of Xbox LIVE this week! The festivities include sales on various content throughout the marketplace, a look back over the years, a free game, and special giveaways. If you go to the Xbox Dashboard right now, you will find a special block dedicated to the “Decade of Entertainment” hub, through there you can browse the sales which include: Castle Crashers, Battlefield 1943, Geometry Wars 2, Bastion and others for 50% off. Some of those titles are¬†definitely¬†worth a look, while the entire Xbox Live Arcade Kinect title Wreckateer, is free right now for download. From the … Continue reading Xbox Live Turns 10, Microsoft Celebrates

The Rise and Steady Decline of Xbox LIVE

How does a place of business succeed? First, the company needs to offer a great service or product, second, the company needs to be professional and courteous to its customers, and third, they need to continue to expand and to offer better and more interesting products. But what happens when the competition begins to catch up and offer greater deals at a lower cost? What happens when the bigger entity stands tall, stubborn in its dominance, refusing to change? A power shift is coming in the next couple of years and Microsoft needs to realize its tight grip on content and features must loosen if it is to stay the dominant player in the console space.

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