Hotline Miami Review

  • Platform: PC (possibly PSN)
  • Developer: Dennaton Games
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Release Date: October 23, 2012
  • Price: $9.99
  • Official: Hotline Miami 

A demented trip worth taking”

You awake to yet another sweltering and sunny day in Miami Florida, the cockroaches scatter as your feet hit the floor, and the garbage reeks as you walk past its overflowing bin to your destination; the answering machine. As you hit Play the strange voice on the other end tells you that their Receptionist called out sick and that they need you to replace her at 131st Street, they’ve been getting swamped and need someone to take care of the guests. Make sure to just wear inconspicuous clothing, nothing fancy. The message ends and you make your way downstairs and hop into your DeLorean, driving to the location you were told. You make sure to park just outside the entrance, step out and then promptly shuffle through a collection of masks you have in your backseat, you opt for one of a giraffe, and then push open the double doors into the lobby. A violent looking thug turns to you confused, then begins to grab for a knife to swing at you, you catch him with a right hook, sending him face first onto the tiled floor. While he’s dazed you kneel down over him, viciously grabbing his head, you begin smashing his face into the tile repeatedly until he’s no more then a red sponge. When you’re done you stand back up, panting as you turn your masked face to another target you see through glass windows. You have countless rooms to wipe clean in this hotel; you’ve been ordered to. You grab the mans knife up off the floor, walking slowly towards your next target. Just another day in Miami.

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Quick Bits!

Its late on the last Saturday of October and most people are out in the cold night celebrating crazy drunken Halloween parties that they won’t remember tomorrow morning, but I’m here sitting in front of my computer diligently working on providing you, the dear reader, with a blistering helping of awesome! Don’t ask me why, I just am! I’m nice! It’s not because I have nothing better to do, I coulda gone out and done something!…ONTO THE BITS!

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