Borderlands Torgue DLC

Gearbox Software has¬†officially unveiled the newest batch of content heading to Borderlands 2 owners, and soon. Dubbed Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, the content will become available on November 20th, and provide players with a new region as well as new story missions and arena battles, as they try to become the #1 badass and open a newly discovered vault. ¬†Players will encounter new versions of their favorite enemies as well as new unique boss’s such as a psychopath with a flamethrower, a motorcycle riding crazy, and a giant vehicle that spews fire and can easily crush you named Badassaurus … Continue reading Borderlands Torgue DLC

Quick Bits! 11/3/2012

It is yet another Saturday night here in the lovely (but not really) Colorado Springs, the first Saturday of November in fact! That’s your random fact of the day! Keep it secret, keep it safe! And I have decided to make Quick Bits! a weekly event; so now if anyone actually does happen upon this site and reads this nonsense, you will now know that there is in fact a schedule to the madness, and you may find your random batch of tasty news bits on Saturday nights, right here on the CA! Please, try to contain your excitement…ONTO THE BITS!

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