The Unlikely Herocast

Unlikely Herocast_@4x.pngThe Unlikely Herocast is the latest audio podcast associated with the site, CounterAttack Games. The show features friendly open discussion from hosts Brad (CheapBossAttack), Omar (Drakulus), Paul (Reviewer Discretion) and Chuck as they deep-dive into their favorite videogames, films and tabletop escapades every week in this podcast adventure.

We invite you to join us in these talks by emailing the show here with questions, comments or even future discussion topics you’d like us to tackle. We hope you join us on this quest and that you enjoy the experience! iTunes Podbean, RSS

“Quest Board”

The Unlikely Herocast Ep 07: The Heroes We Need
♪Paul and Chuck sit down to deliberate the things that make a true hero. Is Marvel’s Spider-Man as special as everyone claims? Is Destiny’s Guardian too flawed to return to the Light? Are Disney’s villains simply misunderstood victims? Join us on this quest to find out what it means to be heroic. ♪ Download

The Unlikely Herocast Ep 06: Thankee-sai for 235
♪It all began on February 5th, 2013 but unfortunately what was started was never finished. Until now. Join the original CA! Radio gang for some closure and one final showdown. ♪ Download

The Unlikely Herocast Ep 05: World of Vania
♪This week the adventures continue as Paul discusses finally beating back his alien invaders, Chuck squeals over Belmont reveals, and Brad returns to the fold with stories of burning trees.♪ Download

The Unlikely Herocast Ep 04: The One About 2018
♪This week Paul and Chuck sit down to discuss the good that was Mister Rogers, the latest record from Mike Shinoda & the best games of 2018 thus far.♪ Download

The Unlikely Herocast Ep 03: Co-op Quest
♪On this adventure Paul and Chuck continue their quests with XCOM and Hollow Knight while also discussing the blunders of Hollywood.♪ Download

The Unlikely Herocast Ep 02: The One About E3
♪The Unlikely gang sit and reminisce on the fun antics of corporations that deal in magical interactivity and the marketing of it all.♪ Download

The Unlikely Herocast Ep 01: Meet the Heroes
♪The quest has been accepted and now it is time to join Brad, Omar, Paul and Chuck as they gather together in a noisy inn to discuss their favorite games of all time.♪ Download

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