Podcast: Comic Casuals

CA Trio 2

Comic Casuals is the audio podcast for both the hardcore fan and the newer reader just dipping their toes into the world of graphic novels. The Counter Attack! gang of Chuck, Randy, and a few friends, take a bi-weekly journey into the comic world by providing news, previews and impressions of the latest issues. To any current and future listeners we say thank you, and keep on reading. If you have a question for the show you can send an email to us hereiTunesHipcast, RSS

“Episode Guide”

Comic Casuals: #5 (10/21/2014)
♪After a long hiatus the old gang reunite once more to visit New York to sit and chew on some rumors in the comics industry.♪ DownloadDeadpool Chat

Comic Casuals: #4 (08/05/2014)
♪The Counter Attack Squad tackle Marvel’s newest film, The Guardians of the Galaxy, with spoilers, history and scores.♪ Download

Comic Casuals: #3 (07/14/2014)
♪In this weeks adventure the CA! Gang partner with Constantine, hunt down the Rat Queens and enter a Pawn Shop.♪ Download

Comic Casuals: #2 (06/27/2014)
♪A dynamic duo begin their quest to comprehend conventions and to discover the madness behind serial killers.♪  Download

Comic Casuals: #1 (06/02/2014)
♪Join Chuck and his team of super friends as they discover exciting new worlds and the heroes that protect them in this new ongoing.♪  Download

Comic Casuals: #0 (04/29/2014)
♪Join two brothers in a prologue adventure as they get a feel for the comic world and provide thoughts on the format and entry points.♪ Download


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