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CA! Radio is the audio podcast for the site CounterAttack Games. The show is a laid back affair dedicated to all the geeky things that entertain us. From games to film to television & even the occasional comic, the CA! gang just want to discuss what makes them smile. If you are a newcomer we say “Howdy!” an invite you to our fun world.
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“Episode Guide”

CA! Radio E3 2017: Microsoft (06/19/2017)
♪We finally come to the exciting conclusion of our E3 Conference rundown. A lot was riding on Microsoft this year but did the Xbox brand deliver?♪ Download CA! Radio

CA! Radio E3 2017: Nintendo (06/16/2017)
♪This week our E3 2017 conference rundown pushes onward with Nintendo and the Switch. Two hosts are giddy while one folds his arms.♪ Download

CA! Radio E3 2017: Sony (06/15/2017)
♪Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 just keeps going and this time we talk Sony as the PlayStation continues to stand tall.♪ Download

CA! Radio E3 2017: Ubisoft (06/15/2017)
♪The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 discussions continue as we rundown the one conference the entire gang can agree upon, Ubisoft.♪ Download

CA! Radio E3 2017: Bethesda (06/14/2017)
♪Continuing our Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 coverage we watch the Bethesda conference, discuss the games and review their lineup.♪ Download

CA! Radio E3 2017: Electronic Arts (06/14/2017)
♪It is time for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 and first at bat is Electronic Arts. We discuss the games they showed and our feelings on their lineup.♪ Download

CA! Radio Ep 128: Overlooked Wonder (06/06/2017)
♪This week we take a look at some of gamings most shunned gems as well as talk Wonder Woman in this patched together episode.♪ Download

CA! Radio Ep 127: Time for a Switch (06/01/2017)
♪This week the final member of the gang Switches to Nintendo’s new console and we dive into Starcrawlers, Thumper & Alien: Covenant discussions.♪ Download

CA! Radio Ep 126: Injustice of Predicting (05/21/2017)
♪This week the new CA! gang gather round to usher in a new era for the show. The group discuss Injustice 2, Stellaris and E3 predictions.♪ Download

CA! Radio Ep 125: Tales of the Open World (05/14/2017)
♪This week the gang discuss in depth the problems with open world design before finishing with Tales, Cosmic Star & Guardians♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 124: The Trinity Surge (04/30/2017)
♪This week the new CA! gang refine the format and dive into talks of Viking slaves, bloody roses and superhero beat downs.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 123: The Ultimate List (04/23/2017)
♪This week a wild Omar appears as the duo turns into a trio. The new group list in detail the Top 10 games of this console generation.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 122: Wrestling with PR (04/09/2017)
♪This week the CA! duo talk Wrestlemania before tackling some Atlus drama and then grappling with even more Nintendo Switch issues.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 121: Nintendo: The Hero of Time (04/01/2017)
♪Hey listen! This week Brad and Chuck discuss Nintendo’s newest console portable hybrid. From the good to the bad and the unbelievable.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 120: Shootin’ the Breeze (03/16/2017)
♪This week Randy and Chuck get together to relax and talk nonsense. Topics include bad drivers, classic films and the real hero of LOTR.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 119: A New Path… (02/10/2017)
♪This week Chuck turns his heart to stone and throws down the gauntlet while Brad travels familiar roads to discover something new.♪ Download

CA! Radio Ep 118: Welcome to the Family (01/28/2017)
♪This week Brad explores a house from Hell while Chuck investigates a man divided. They close out with a giveaway and questions.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 117: Feeling Nostalgic (01/20/2017)
♪This week Brad and Chuck discuss what it takes to run a site, new games with old flavor and finish with some Switch news.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 116: Why Switch?
♪This week the counter attack gang discuss the Nintendo Switch reveal. We review the games lineup and the pros and cons of the event.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 115: Switch to VR (01/06/2017)
♪This week CA! celebrate a new (hopefully better) year with talk of the virtual realities and the Switch that Nintendo should make.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 114: The Ancients of the Horizon (10/03/2016)
♪This week the new CA! duo gather round the mics to discuss games inspired by Lovecraft and the best racer of this generation.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 113: Sony’s Pro a no-go? (09/12/2016)
♪This week Brad and Chuck get together to talk tabletop, vidjagames and all of the negatives and positives of Sony’s newest console.♪ Download

CA! Radio Episode 112: Game Show Live 2 (09/07/2016)
This week old hosts return to partake in a trivia contest for the ages in the categories Film, Comics, Music and Games.♪  Download

CA! Radio Episode 111: E3 2016 (06/16/2016)
♪This week the CA! gang reunite to discuss the latest news and announcements from the Electronic Entertainment Expo.♪  Download

CA! Radio Episode 110: E3 Hype Train (choo choo) (06/10/2016)
♪The gang are just days away from E3 and to celebrate special guest Bradley Keene from Cheap Boss Attack joins the show to talk potential reveals and surprises.♪  Download

CA! Radio Episode 109: Overjoyed with Overwatch
This week a new co-host joins the show as we discuss the highs of being with Overwatch and the lows of being a Hitman.♪  Download

Episode 108: Special Drunken Ramblings (05/28/2016)
♪This week Randy and Chuck are joined by two guests as they all drink merrily and speak over one another in a random show.♪  Download

Episode 107: Everybody Talks (04/21/2016)
♪This week the original gang get together to talk random nonsense including ingame economy, proper UI & foolish teammates.♪  Download

Episode 106: Cruel Witness (02/11/2016)
This week Randy and Chuck talk their favorite games of 2015 and then discuss the joy and despair that is The Witness.♪  Download

Episode 105: Stranger Danger (01/13/2016)
♪The holidays are over and it is the start of a new year. That means new goals, new impressions and a couple of new hosts.♪  Download

Episode 104: Discombobulated (11/21/2015)
♪This week (month?) the CA! gang once again battle with broken audio and computer troubles resulting in a smaller episode.♪  Download

Episode 103: The Horror Show (10/26/2015)
This week Randy, Chuck and Triana gather round the campfire to discuss horror films and adventuring in the woods.♪  Download

Episode 102: The Vitriol King (10/02/2015)
♪This week Chris and Triana gather around as Chuck talks games new and old before moving onto Destiny year two.♪  Download

Episode 101: Snake Charmer (09/09/2015)
♪This week Chris, Triana and Chuck get together to discuss fireflies in space, cabins in the woods and snakes in the desert.♪ Download

Episode 100: Game Show Live! (09/12/2015)
It arrives late but the show finally hits triple digits and to celebrate Randy, Gene & Chuck catch up and crown a new trivia champion.Download

Episode 99.5: My Voice, Your Ears (08/30/2015)
♪This week Chuck sits down to talk Disney Infinity, Image Comics and Sony’s Until Dawn before giving thanks on a recent milestone.♪ Download

Episode 99: Rocket Power (07/21/2015)
♪This week the brothers review Marvel’s newest hero before diving headlong into a long talk about MMO’s and Final Fantasy.♪ Download

Episode 98: Fireside (07/03/2015)
♪This week the original CA! duo reunite to exchange gifts, discuss old franchises that refuse to die and a terrible batmobile.♪ Download

Episode 97: E3 2015 (06/18/2015)
♪This week the gang get together to discuss all of the happenings and crazy news coming out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.♪ Download

Episode 96: Jurassic Ink (06/13/2015)
♪This week the CA! duo get together to discuss E3 hype, Nintendo’s first arena shooter and the resurrection of dino’s.♪ Download

Episode 95: The White Wolf (05/26/2015)
♪This week the brothers gather round the mic to sing the praises of Geralt of Rivia, the most famous of Witchers and his latest adventure.♪ Download

Episode 94: Trigger Happy Abode (05/07/2015)
♪This week the CA! gang move into a new exciting studio to talk Arkham complaints, Nintendo parks and killer teddy bears.♪ Download

Episode 93: Mortal Devils (04/14/2015)
♪This week the gang walk the streets of Hell’s Kitchen to meet the “man without fear” before entering the latest Mortal Kombat.♪ Download

Episode 92: Heroes Watch (03/31/2015)
♪This week the gang reunite to record their thoughts on Blizzard’s latest, Netherrealms sequel and Apple’s watch.♪ Download

Episode 91: Hotline Echo (03/27/2015)
♪This week Chuck finds himself traveling along dark gothic alleyways and blood soaked beaches with two big releases.♪ Download

Episode 90: Elusive Beast (02/24/2015)
♪With the group scattered, recordings delayed and interest wavering, Chuck manages to grab hold of one secret weapon.♪ Download

Episode 89: Sickbay (02/05/2015)
♪With trips to the hospital, vacations abroad, classes missed and businesses started; 2015 is off to a wild start for the CA! gang.♪ Download

Episode 88: Beta Phase (01/16/2015)
♪The first show of 2015 arrives both late and with drastic changes in place. A new host, a new handheld and some new monsters.♪  Download

CA! Radio Game of the Year 2014 Day Four (01/15/2015)
♪The final day of deliberations brings with it long talks of surprises and disappointments, studio work and the best game of the year.♪  Download

CA! Radio Game of the Year 2014 Day Three (01/13/2015)
♪The third day of awards see’s the gang arguing over first-person combat, role-playing adventures and best story.♪  Download

CA! Radio Game of the Year 2014 Day Two (01/07/2015)
♪The second meeting for the gang includes discussions on music, battles over multiplayer and strategic debate over presentation.♪  Download

CA! Radio Game of the Year 2014 Day One (01/06/2015)
♪It is time once more for the CA! gang to debate and award the best games in areas such as best feature, character & performance.♪  Download

Episode 87: The Battle of the Five Tales (12/30/2014)
♪This week the gang reminisce about the holiday break, discuss the conclusion to Middle Earth and excitedly praise Telltale Games.♪  Download

Episode 86: The Vanishing of the Crew (12/16/2014)
♪This week things get out of control quickly and only go downhill from there. The gang talk Ubisoft’s latest racer and Call of Duty.♪  Download

Episode 85: This Next-Gen of Mine (12/09/2014)
♪This week the gang talk about anniversaries, surprise announcements, hardware reviews and indie games that deserve praise.♪ Download

Episode 84: Gamepocalypse 2014 (12/02/2014)
♪Its gaming season at CA! Radio and the entire gang are celebrating. From Dragon Age to FarCry, GTA, Spintires and more.♪ Download

Episode 83: One Man Show (11/26/2014)
♪This week the show takes a detour leaving Randy and Chris behind while Chuck takes control talking indie games and news.♪ Download

Episode 82: Interstellar (11/20/2014)
♪This week the gang board a spoiler filled ship headed for the stars. From frozen skies to shallow water, the group dive headlong into Nolan’s latest.♪ Download

Episode 81: Big Hero Two (11/11/2014)
♪Once more the host is away leaving the brothers to fend for themselves. The duo talk Disney, warfare and survival horror.♪ Download

Episode 80: Out of Gas (11/04/2014)
♪This week the gang talk about it all. From arguments at work to unfortunate tragedies, retiring hitmen and evolving games.♪ Download

Episode 79: The Secret Fate of All Life (10/28/2014)
♪This week Randy and the gang put their masks on, start galactic civilizations and fight some angels and demons with their hair.♪  Download

Episode 78: A Room with a Moose (10/21/2014)
♪This week the gang get together for a speedy rundown of the CW’s newest hero, Harmonix’s latest rhythm game and untold Dracula.♪ Download

Episode 77: Too Loose Latrine (10/14/2014)
♪This week the gang travel the far reaches of space to visit a derelict waystation before using a time machine to visit the past.♪ Download

Episode 76: Carnival Knowledge (10/07/2014)
♪This week the gang fondly remember old cartoons, discuss the most feared animal predators and talk nonsense with D4.♪ Download

Episode 75: The Economist (09/30/2014)
♪This week Randy returns to take back the reins and has the gang talk viruses, demons and visiting Mordor.♪ Download

Episode 74: Brothers Infinity (09/23/2014)
♪This week Chris leads the show into a place full of attacking rocks, contorting iPhones and superhero toy boxes.♪ Download

Episode 73: The Brothers Destiny (09/16/2014)
♪This week the brothers return to give their final thoughts on Bungie’s long awaited Destiny and to talk comics.♪  Download

Episode 72: …and Something Blum (09/09/2014)
♪This week an old friend returns as the gang celebrate the Dreamcast, talk Apple news and take part in Destiny.♪  Download

Episode 71: Something New… (09/02/2014)
♪This week the gang get together for quick and abrupt thoughts on new hardware, old games and excitement at work.♪  Download

Episode 70: Audible Murder (08/26/2014)
♪This week the gang brush their teeth, eat some dragon, solve a murder or two and then celebrate with some football.♪  Download

Episode 69: The Bruno Effect (08/19/2014)
♪This week the gang reminisce about Linkin Park, gossip about their favorite man crushes and then man up to enter a hell house.♪  Download

Episode 68: Ghost in the Room (08/12/2014)
♪This week Randy and Chris reunite to brainstorm the perfect game, discuss GDC news and challenge fate.♪  Download

Episode 67: The Expletive Show! (08/05/2014)
♪This week the CA! gang curse like sailors after winning the lottery, traveling the globe and vacationing in Bungie’s Destiny.♪ Download

Episode 66: Brothers on the Wall (07/22/2014)
♪This week the brothers return to give their thoughts on apes rising up, training dragons and the latest Game of Thrones season.♪ Download

Episode 65: Verbal Roundhouse (07/15/2014)
♪This week the gang talk new music, the dangers of the parking lot, mad animal breeding and maybe some games.♪ Download

Episode 64: The International Bro (07/08/2014)
♪This week is the start of Valve’s International and that has one of the hosts excited. Rest talk bro’s and stealth.♪ Download

Episode 63: Animal Convergence (07/01/2014)
♪This week its time to visit the zoo and become one with natures natural predators and prey. Also talk Great Wars and knights.♪  Download

Episode 62: Confused from the Start (06/24/2014)
♪This week Randy and Chuck enter a restroom to get to the bottom of indecent behavior before taking on some Nazi scum.♪  Download

Episode 61: E3 2014 (06/17/2014)
♪This week the CA! gang gather round to discuss gaming’s biggest event of the year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo.♪  Download

Episode 60: Tongue Tied (06/03/2014)
♪This week the gang talk intergalactic adventures, angry karting and some reasonable and not so reasonable E3 predictions.♪  Download

Episode 59: Hack the Hype (05/27/2014)
♪This week best buds talk small town excitement, overblown budgets and the first dog watching game of the generation.♪  Download

Episode 58: The Gojira Slim (05/20/2014)
♪This week the gang reunite after a long break to talk monsters attacking, Vita’s slimming and team members almost dying.♪  Download

Episode 57: Two Guys & a Girl (05/06/2014)
♪This week the rare grouping of Randy, Gene and Megan get together to talk baby farming, phone bumping and crazy anime.♪  Download

Comic Casuals: #0 (04/29/2014)
♪Join two brothers in a prologue adventure as they get a feel for the comic world and provide thoughts on the format and entry points.♪ Download

Episode 56: Muscle Tussle (04/22/2014)
♪This week is a first as Randy and Chris get an episode all to themselves and their first call in. Dabble with fitness, writing and games.♪  Download

Episode 55: The Brothers Farewell (04/15/2014)
♪This week its down to two until someone makes a surprise appearance. The show also bids adieu to a host as they take their leave.♪  Download

Episode 54: Tempers Flare (04/08/2014)
♪This week computer issues result in even worse audio quality than usual resulting in a garbage episode. Some insight but skippable.♪  Download

Episode 53: The Kinky Slinky (04/01/2014)
♪This week the gang get reacquainted with DC comics and their lame heroes, talk April fools jokes and prepare for the Slinky uprising.♪  Download

Episode 52: Greatness Awaits (03/25/2014)
♪This week the gang dive into the world of Sony and its PlayStation 4 by discussing the systems UI, controller and games.♪ Download

Episode 51: The Brothers Saga (03/18/2014)
♪This week the brothers return to give you the information you need on South Park: The Stick of Truth, Thief and The Walking Dead.♪  Download

Episode 50: Return of the Wiafe (03/11/2014)
♪This week the gang get together to answer listener questions and to create the greatest supervillain group the world has ever seen.♪  Download

Episode 49: Delilah A New Hope (03/04/2014)
♪This week the gangs newest member puts her foot down and shows the boys how its done. Gang talk South Park, nerdy icons and pickles.♪ Download

Episode 48: Revenge of the Wilson (02/25/2014)
♪This week Chris makes his move and tosses Randy aside to host the show his way. The gang talk film trailers and the latest game releases.♪  Download

Episode 47: The Phantom Zodl (02/18/2014)
♪This week three co-hosts vanish leaving Chuck and Randy to discuss everything from podcasts to Titanfall to Planetary Annihilation.♪ Download

Episode 46: The Blum Strikes Back (02/11/2014)
♪This week things are out of sorts as Gene takes over hosting duties to do things his way. The group talk being adrift and other nonsense♪ Download

Episode 45: The Terrible Birthday Special (02/04/2014)
♪This week see’s the show turn one and to celebrate its birthday the CA! gang think back and fondly remember some special moments.♪ Download

Episode 44: The Candy Bully Saga (01/28/2014)
♪This week the CA! gang weave a tale of intrigue, betrayal and murder. Kings take down banners, friends aren’t real and Locusts return.♪  Download

Episode 43: Megan Override (01/21/2014)
♪This week Megan returns to give the show its moral compass and provide some much needed thoughts on puppy bowls and gas mileage.♪ Download

Episode 42: Hollywood The Sequel (01/14/2014)
♪This week the gang have their tickets and snacks ready as they sit down to talk rumors, critique films and vent about new talent.♪  Download

Episode 41: CA! Gang and the Bitcoin Terror (01/07/2014)
♪It is a new year and with it a chance at a fresh start. However, Gene returns and brings with him news of a new threat to world order.♪  Download

CA! Radio: GOTY Awards 2013 Part Two (12/30/2013)
♪In part two of the 2013 game of the year awards the CA! gang continue to debate for their top picks to walk away victorious.♪ Download

CA! Radio: GOTY Awards 2013 Part One (12/30/2013)
♪The year 2013 is over and thus it is time for the CA! Gang to recognize the best gaming had to offer. From art to story the group battle and vote.♪ Download

Episode 40: The Terrible Christmas Special (12/24/2013)
♪This holiday season join the CA! gang as the war between Elf, Dwarf and Alien spills out onto the mystical lands of Hyrule.♪ Download

Episode 39: The Brothers Whim (12/17/2013)
♪Abandoned, it is once again up to Chris and Chuck to provide thoughts. Things start slow but then come the Demons and the Gods.♪ Download

Episode 38: Pleasure Island (12/10/2013)
♪This week our conscience is missing and things quickly spiral into a frenzied blur of Disney love, Ghost hatred and inappropriate comments.♪ Download

Episode 37: Everything and the… (12/03/2013)
♪This week the gang get together and bring the kitchen sink along for the ride. Comics, dead pets and hipster Hitler help to deliver an ultra combo.♪ Download.

Episode 36: The Gang Kinect (11/27/2013)
♪This week the group reunite to go hands on with the Xbox One. Microsoft’s new UI is judged and Kinect is tested.♪ Download

Episode 35: The Brothers Grimm (11/21/2013)
♪Randy and Gene are MIA so its up to Chris and Chuck to inform. The two talk pirate sailing, defending Earth and solving murders.♪ Download

Episode 34: Sins of a Watchmaker (11/15/2013)
♪Reality becomes nightmare this week as the group recall near death experiences, haunting children and poor audio quality.♪ Download

Episode 33: Techpocalypse (11/01/2013)
♪Join the CA! gang as they do battle over free to play games, next gen purchases, upgrading computers and new television.♪ Download

Episode 32: The Ghost Whisperer (10/29/2013)
♪During recording the secret life of one of our hosts is finally revealed. Discover the mysteries of ghost cars, iPads and Two Souls.♪ Download

Episode 31: The Split (10/22/2013)
♪While Randy is away the group fiddle with the new Nintendo 2DS, discuss innovation in gaming and finally watch some Airbender.♪ Download

Episode 30: There’s Someone Else (10/15/2013)
♪This week the CA! crew are joined by the great artist and illustrator Adam “A4man” Foreman to talk computers, favorite games and David Cage.♪ Download

Episode 29: A Demonic Affair (10/08/2013)
♪This week we discuss Randy’s taste in music, Chris’s Battlefield stories, Chuck’s obsession with demons and Gene’s love/hate relationship with Disney.♪ Download.

Episode 28: Courtship of a Titan (09/24/2013)
♪This week the CA! crew visit San Andreas to get away from it all, but then Randy falls for the tall ones. Discuss GTA, Gone Home, and Attack on Titan.♪ Download

Episode 27: The Erotic Adventures of Mr. Blum (09/17/2013)
♪After a format change the group talk at length about visiting friends in Animal Crossing, admiring the city of Los Santos and Gene’s secret dating life.♪ Download

Episode 26: Boiling Point (09/10/2013)
♪With autumn around the corner the CA! gang wave goodbye to the heat by talking their favorite summer films and the cool moves Sony are making.♪ Download

Episode 25: CA! Gang and the Pizza Harassment Fantasy (08/27/2013)
♪This week the gang punch beds over missing pizza, get serious about harassment within the games industry then talk some Final Fantasy.♪ Download

Episode 24: 24 Is No 42 (08/20/2013)
♪This week the group talk Gamescom, explain their musical tastes and give their thoughts on GTA Online. Discuss Hotline Miami and Evil Dead.♪ Download

Episode 23: Life, the Universe, and Everything (08/13/2013)
♪The CA! gang are fully united for the first time ever. Naturally then, the crew discuss surviving the zombie apocalypse, visit a shrink, and rob banks in Payday 2.♪ Download

Episode 22: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish! (08/11/2013)
♪This week the group share moments of awkward silence and discuss their strange nightly dreams.The group also battle over retro gaming, Nintendo, Quake and technical issues.♪ Download

Episode 21: The Gang Hitch a Ride (08/03/2013)
♪The group is back with a new name and a new home. CA! Radio begins with talk of past jobs, Chris and Gene conspiracies, and name suggestions. Discuss Wolverine and Shin Megami.♪ Download

Episode 20: This is a Revolution (07/27/2013)
♪We’re twenty weeks in and so the gang decide to celebrate with introductions, free gifts, and answering listener questions. We discuss Comic-Con, Oculus, and design mechs.♪ Download
Intro: Used -Pretty Handsome Awkward   Outro: Rise Against -Savior

Episode 19: Take Hollywood With Force (07/18/2013)
♪Randy and Chuck return, with Chris in tow, to celebrate a Summer Sale and laugh at DC Superheroes. The gang discuss Steam Cards, Man of Steel, and Amazing Spider-Man.♪ Download
Intro: Daft PunkOne More Time   Outro: Jay-Z -Oceans

Episode 18: Build the Future, Bury the Past (07/15/2013)
♪This week the crew are joined by special guest “Ladycroft” from Link Saves Zelda as they discuss majestic Unicorns, Rogue Legacy, Nintendo 3DS, and the sad passing of Ryan Davis.♪ Download
Intro: Naked & Famous -Young Blood   Outro: A_Rival -Everythings Alright

Episode 17: Scattered and Bruised (07/05/2013)
♪This week Randy returns to find love blossoming and fatigue setting in. Another guest joins in as the group talk vacations, new schedules, and worshipping the motor company Kia.♪ Download
Intro: Young the Giant -My Body  Outro: Kid Cudi -Pursuit of Happiness

Episode 16: Down One Up Two (06/28/2013)
♪This week Chuck rallies the troops and gets Chris and Gene back onto the show as well as special guest Tyler from The Delver. The group discuss MMO’s, Ouya, and Taken 3.♪ Download
Intro: Duck Tales  Outro: Basshunter -Now You’re Gone

Episode 15: Shots Fired (06/20/2013)
♪Randy & Chuck are joined by a special guest for an episode that is rocked with the aftermath of the blows between Sony and Microsoft. Discuss The Last of Us and This is the End.♪ Download
Intro: Capital Cities -Center Stage Outro: Capital Cities -Safe and Sound

Episode 14: CA!’s First E3 (06/14/2013)
♪The gang’s been preparing, the anticipation is sky high, and E3 is finally upon the CA! crew. Gene bolts with the first cute girl he see’s, Randy ignores Sony, and Chuck watches all.♪ Download
Intro: Romain Gauthier –All is Well  Outro: Wtcher 2 –The Wild Hunt

Episode 13: Randy: A True Underdog Story (06/04/2013)
♪This week Gene gets lost so Randy & Chuck bring it old school. Randy dominates the competition while Chuck tries to read. The two discuss Grid, StarCraft, and Arrested Development. Download
Intro:Daft Punk -Doing It Right Outro:The Joy Formidable -A Heavy Abacus

Episode 12: Chucks Inferno (05/28/2013)
♪After the reveal of the Xbox One the internet was in an uproar and one man couldn’t take the hate any longer. In this episode Chuck explodes and Gene and Randy sit helpless.♪ Download
Intro: Rev Theory -Hell Yeah Outro: Zebrahead -Blackout

Episode 11: Gene’s Dirty Harry (05/21/2013)
♪This week its down to two. With Chuck spending his weekend moving, Randy and Gene talk racism, Wii U, and a dark secret that may have been better left unspoken.♪ Download
Intro: The Postal Service -Such Great Heights Outro: Streetlight Manifesto -Such Great Heights

Episode 10: Celebrate Good Times (05/14/2013)
♪This week the gang celebrate 10 episodes of CC! with a butchered song and the reading of Yahoo Answers. Games discussed include Tokyo Jungle, Dust, and Secret World.♪ Download
Intro: Seatbelts -Tank    Outro: Grouplove -Tongue Tied

Episode 09: News at 11 (05/07/2013)
♪This week math gets weird, the group debates piracy in gaming, and tons of questions get answered. The group talks Dota 2, Blood Dragon, and Grand Theft Auto.♪ Download
Intro: Bullet 4 my Valentine -Your betrayal  Outro: Chevelle -The Clincher

Episode 08: The Gang Rob a Bank (04/30/2013)
♪This week Randy goes to a concert, Gene’s poking gets him in trouble, and Chuck obtains a mountain of mints. The group talk indie with Monaco, Papers please, and Xsyon.♪ Download
Intro: Childish Gambino -The Last Outro: Cold War Kids -Miracle Mile

Episode 07: When the Host Is Away… (04/23/2013)
♪Randy’s gone missing allowing Chuck and Gene to take control. The two talk about fame, the worst company in America, answer some emails, and eventually discuss a game or two.♪ Download
Intro: Sum 41 -Pull the Curtain Outro: Rancid -Last One to Die

Episode 06: Gene Unchained! (04/16/2013)
♪The shackles are off this week as the CC! duo are forced to deal with Chris’s replacement. After a pleasant introduction conflicts erupt over Portal, overrated games, and even Supernatural.♪ Download
Intro: Nico Vega -Fury Oh Fury  Outro: Muse -Liquid State

Episode 05: Bioshock Infinite (04/09/2013)
♪This week we have a special Bioshock Infinite SpoilerCast for you! The gang discuss the games story in more detail and also dig into parts of the game they liked or didn’t with more clarity.♪ Download
Intro:Nico Vega-Beast America Outro:Courtnee Draper-Circle Unbroken

Episode 04: Topher’s Last Stand (04/01/2013)
♪The gang is back with what may be Chris’s final episode; does he go out in a blaze of glory or like a chump? We also hunt monsters, visit the city in the clouds, and question what Konami is doing.♪ Download
Intro: Yoko Shimomura -Xenoblade  Outro: Dropkick Murphys -Gauntlet

Episode 03: Gangs All Here (03/25/2013)
♪After several weeks of lost recordings Randy and Chuck are back with a new co-host. We pick a contest winner from a magical hat and talk at length about SimCity and Game of Thrones.♪ Download
IntroSeatbelts -Car 24  Outro: Seatbelts -Too Good, Too Bad

Episode 02: Blackout Conspiracies (02/12/2013)
♪In our second episode we hear the story of how the Dumpster Ginas were born, Chuck’s rage continues and Randy tries to spoil everything. We discuss Payday, AntiChamber, and The Dark Tower.♪ Download
Intro: Offspring -Future is Now  Outro: Elliot Berlin -Musikk Per Automatikk

Episode 01: Essence of the Living Room (02/05/2013)
♪In our inaugural episode Randy almost kills someone, Chuck passes out and we discuss Ni No Kuni, Nintendo’s future, Dredd, and Blizzards lazy hold on the industry.♪ Download
IntroEirik Suhrke -A New Morning  OutroM.O.O.N. -Crystals

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