QB! Jan 12: The one with “The One Lovely Blog Award + The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

Some recap Welcome to another edition of Quick Bits! now abbreviated to just QB! because its a new year and lets be CRAZAY! (or just because they’ve been having titles lately and shits long enough as it is) Tomorrow will … Continue reading QB! Jan 12: The one with “The One Lovely Blog Award + The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

Happy Holidays

It has been quiet here since the CA! End of Year Awards, but that is to be expected. Most are enjoying their families over the holidays and it is relatively quiet in the gaming space, except for all the massive sales such as at Steam, Amazon, and Gamefly. CA! would like for you, dear readers, to have an excellent and safe Holiday break and don’t forget to play the games you forgot over this past year in this small drought window before the excitement begins again in January. I will try to start delivering content again soon, but some setbacks with the … Continue reading Happy Holidays

Quick Bits! 11/24

Thanksgiving is over, the food has been chomped down, the hours of relaxation spent, the senseless sheep have shopped on the blackest of Fridays, and now another weekend is halfway through completion. Did any of you shop on the most frustrating shopping day of the year? Any people purchase one of those fancy and shiny new techno gadgets called a Wii U? Or have you all been watching football and sleeping the days away? Nintendo’s new console has had some setbacks with fans, but most are hopeful of the new technology and what it may provide users; I know I … Continue reading Quick Bits! 11/24