Counter Attack Games is a small piece of the internet that is dedicated to bringing you news and personal opinions on all things entertainment. We are a site for the gamer, film buff, comic lover, music hound and those who enjoy them all. We love interacting with our visitors and hearing your feedback allows us to continue to improve on what we do here. Besides written work we also have a podcast titled CA! Radio where we discuss our interests that is updated weekly. We also have a Twitch channel and a section of Youtube. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us on both Twitter and Facebook as well as by sending us a personal email.

— Staff —

Chuck – Editor in Chief, Designer, Audio personality:
With a passion for all forms of entertainment, and a need to express his opinions on all of them, Chuck is the main head of Counter Attack Games. Preferring a good story and a willingness to try something different above all else, Chuck appreciates those that try to break the mold and push art forward.
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS


Randy – Our eSports aficionado is actively involved in the Pro Gaming circuit, often leading to trips around the world where he competes in games of LoL, StarCraft and Dota. In his free time Randy can be found at volunteer centers helping those in need.
Platforms: PC, Android

Jeff – A movie buff with dreams of becoming a director, Jeff prefers to sink his teeth into the horror genre in both film and games. In his free time he can be found online competing in rounds of Halo or Battlefield.
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4

Chris – Unfiltered and to the point, Chris uses as little words as possible to tell it like it is, which often lands him in trouble. Outside of the site Chris practices massage therapy and enjoys exploring the worlds of many Massively Multiplayer Online games.
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, iOS

Gene – With a specialization in retro, mobile, and PC gaming; Gene prefers the strange and eclectic and is currently conquering the computer science field when not maintaining his local liquor store.
Platforms: PC, Android

Megan – Megan provides the site with its much needed female perspective. When not fighting for what she feels is right Megan is most likely dishing out ridiculous puns and “shipping” various characters from games and shows.
Platforms: PC, Android

Nick  A total Counter-Strike addict and active Call of Duty player Nick spends most of his time in frantic online battles where he gets frustrated with his teammates lack of skill.
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360

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