10650045_1039226722809397_3983072787856282953_nCounter Attack! is a small piece of the internet that is dedicated to bringing you news and personal opinions on all things entertainment. We are a site for the gamer, film buff, comic lover, tech junkie and those who enjoy them all. We love interacting with our visitors and hearing your feedback allows us to continue to improve. Besides our written pieces here we also have two podcasts titled CA! Radio and Comic Casuals which are updated weekly and bi-weekly. Also have a Twitch channel and a section of Youtube. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us on both Twitter and Facebook as well as by sending us a personal email.

— Staff —

Chuck – Editor in Chief, Designer, Audio personality:
With a desire to break into the Games Industry Chuck is the lead man for all of Counter Attacks gaming news, posting the latest happenings within the industry and reviews for new releases. Chuck prefers a good story and a willingness to try something different above all else and can usually be found fiddling on his iPad or reading comics.
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, 3DS, iOS

Randy – Writer, Audio personality:
Randy is Counter Attacks eSports aficionado and is actively involved in the Pro Gaming circuit, often leading to trips around the world where he competes against some of the best in games of LoL, Starcraft 2 and Dota. In his free time Randy can be found at Urban Peak and Red Cross where he volunteers and loves to read and discover new music.
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Android

Chris AvatarChris – Writer, Audio personality:
Chris is unfiltered and to the point, using as little words as possible to tell it like it is, both in his writing and in person. Outside of the site he can be found applying his skills as a massage therapist and getting lost in the worlds of several different massively multiplayer online games. Chris is the one in the group that despises reading.
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, 3DS, iOS


Jeff – A movie buff with dreams of becoming a director, Jeff prefers to sink his teeth into the horror genre in both film and games. In his free time he can be found online competing in rounds of Halo or Battlefield.
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360

Gene – With a specialization in retro, mobile, and PC gaming; Gene prefers the strange and eclectic and is currently conquering the computer science field when not maintaining his local liquor store.
Platforms: PC, Android

Megan – Megan provides the site with its much needed female perspective. When not fighting for what she feels is right Megan is most likely dishing out ridiculous puns and “shipping” various characters from games and shows.
Platforms: PC, Android

Nick  A total Counter-Strike addict and active Call of Duty player Nick spends most of his time in frantic online battles where he gets frustrated with his teammates lack of skill.
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360

-Review Scale-

Counter Attack!
uses the following system to critique the works we review. We strive to detail every aspect of the product and weigh every pro and con, as well as the description of each range, to decide where a creation falls. Remember that even a six is a decent investment, and a seven is a good one that can be well worth your time. Only the best can reach a grade of eight or higher, and that means they offer solid bang for your buck and deliver an experience at the tops of their genre’s.

“10” – Masterful: No piece of entertainment is perfect, but some very rare titles come as close to perfection as one can get. This score is reserved for an experience that is unlike any other and one that should be enjoyed by everyone.

“9” – Incredible: When a title reaches this mark you can be sure it is one of the best of its kind. Whether it is excelling in its genre or trying something entirely different, it deserves to be played by fans and newcomers alike.

“8” – Great: Although they may not be among the best, a feature in this range can be certain to showcase gameplay, acting or story that you should definitely enjoy, and overall is an excellent package that you won’t regret spending your money on.

“7” – Good: A product that falls in this range is still a solid title that you should have fun with, but it has a few drawbacks that keep it from greatness.

“6” – Alright: When an output hits this mark there is still joy to be found, but know that there are far better options out there. If you must experience something in this range, wait for the title to fall in price first.

“5” – Average: Its neither good or bad, it just is. A creation that falls in this middle ground can still be an ok waste of a few hours when you’re really bored, but there are far better choices out there to experience.

“4” – Underwhelming: Its not awful, or particularly bad, but it probably shouldn’t be in your possession either way. Some may find redeeming qualities, but most won’t.

“3” – Bad: When a piece of art breaks this plane, you do not want to partake. The wrong people were put in charge on this one and the development faltered because of it.

“2” – Terrible: This production may scar your psyche in ways you didn’t know existed. This is pain you don’t need, so stay away!

“1” – Awful: Poison, unbearable suffering you do not wish on even your worst enemy. If something achieves a 1 the creator was most likely trying to end the world.

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