UHC Triple Pack!

Howdy world, how you been? Hopefully you have been doing well. Successfully completing all your life goals and having a total blast while doing so and all that jazz. Oh, you know what goes great with being awesome? New podcast episodes to listen to while you are achieving all those milestones and having all that fun!

Lucky for you The Unlikely Herocast has returned with Three Brand New (but actually old) episodes to set your mind at ease and take you on an audio adventure like no other. So go on and sit in your preferred comfy chair, turn on your favorite videogame where the story is pointless so it can be played on mute no problem, and turn up the volume on this super rare and valuable Deluxe Triple Pack of awesomeness!

Included within this shiny Bundle are three totally exclusive episodes you’ll find nowhere else featuring exciting and totally timely topics such as Marvels Phase Four reveals, E3 2019 Reviews, Renaissance Festival thoughts and the best games to download on Xbox Game Pass. So make sure to take advantage of this amazing exclusive offer right now and listen to the Episodes: Keep Getting Back Up, Retro Recap E3 2019 and Retro Recap Summer Sun!

All ridiculous hyperbole aside, this little batch (of late) episodes are just the engine being warmed up and The Unlikely Herocast will be returning very soon with newly recorded episodes with actual up to date news and thoughts on the latest in entertainment. We hope you’ll give the little show a listen and forgive the delay as well as any audio concerns found within. Now go on and enjoy the rest of your day.

The Unlikely Herocast
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