The Defenders Trailer

News: Marvels Netflix universe collides as Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand, the Defenders of New York, put aside their differences to stop the latest threat to the city. Check out the latest trailer that was premiered at San Diego Comic Con.

Thoughts: Its such a great moment when you finally get to see fan favorite characters or universes merge and come together. Seeing the Avengers at midnight opening night is still one of my favorite moments in a theater. One of the rare times when I had a stupid grin or smile plastered on my face for two hours as I witnessed something most would have never predicted could occur. Now every company is trying to create “cinematic universes” so its not quite such a special occasion anymore, but it is still a fun one.

Now that we have seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on their own adventures, as they struggled to come to terms with who they are and what they are capable of, we have reached the point when they must come together to form their own team of street level heroics to take on a new big bad.

With three successful shows (and one not so successful) The Defenders has a lot riding on its shoulders. Creating a new baddie with actress Sigourney Weaver is an interesting choice and it’ll be more interesting to see what kind of obstacles the business woman can put in front of our heroes that can pose an actual threat, besides of the one witnessed in the trailer. We have a man that is invincible, one with an unstoppable fist, a woman with super strength and a man with training and super senses. This is a team that should seemingly be able to handle anything that comes at them, except maybe each other.

It should be great fun seeing these very different characters, with vastly different backgrounds and outlooks on life, interacting and slowly becoming friends. One aspect of the show that I hope gets treated with the care and respect it deserves is that of the friendship of Danny Rand and Luke Cage. Power Man and Iron Fist have a great friendship within the Marvel comics universe and the two even have their own business together, Heroes for Hire, where they provide their services of strength and investigation to those that need assistance.

Three of the four heroes here have deep connections and its important for the show to be able to nail down these dynamics and plant the seeds for them to grow and mature successfully in their future solo seasons. Luke, Jessica and Danny are a true family on the written page and it would be a special moment for their diehard fans to see that love done right on film. Lets just hope they keep Matt at arms length emotionally as those he cares about and gets close with tend to…yeah…poor Matt.



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