Quick Tunes! 01/27/2017

Well look at this, a new Quick Tunes. Its been some time. A lot of time actually…but it has returned! For those unfamiliar Quick Tunes is just a speedy and weekly post that highlights the music behind the games we love. Soundtracks help propel the entertainment they are attached to in wonderful ways and are unfortunately oftentimes overlooked. With the weekly QT! I highlight five tracks from various games, sometimes with a connecting theme but oftentimes at random, and simply plop them down for you to enjoy. Not much depth, sure, but hopefully some soothing joy to be had for your walks or when you simply need a break. Plus it sure helps the artists behind the music if you find some you love and spread the word on their works or purchase the soundtracks outright! Enjoy.


  • Gravity Ghost

Artist: Ben Prunty
Title: Welcome to the Afterlife

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Artist: Christine Slagman
Title: Lullaby of Woe

  • Axiom Verge

Artist: Thomas Happ
Title: Trace Reborn

  • Virginia

Artist: Lyndon Holland
Title: Welcome to Kingdom

  • Overwatch

Artist: Sam Cardon
Title: Overture


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