Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer

News: Just a week before the Electronic Entertainment Expo begins Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment have announced that the hotly anticipated PS4 open world adventure game, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has been delayed from a 2016 release window to a more concrete February 2017. To coincide with the sad news the studio have also release a brand new trailer that sheds more light on the games intriguing story.

Thoughts: While a delay for Horizon: Zero Dawn is disappointing it is not at all surprising. I was very much expecting this game to slip into next year and if the team at Guerrilla Games can stay on point, a February release isn’t too bad a date as I expected a much longer delay from its original “Holiday” 2016 release.

Horizon: Zero Dawn stole the show at last years E3 with its beautiful visuals and exciting premise. A future Earth that is inhabited by robotic creatures of all shapes and sizes and a human civilization long forgotten and taken back by nature is an intriguing landscape to present to a player. Exploring a new world with remnants of the old as a pseudo-prehistoric hunter, using both ancient tools as well as future tech, has the potential to provide gamers with one of the best games of the year, whether 2016 or 2017.

I say give Guerrilla Games as much time as they need to complete and polish this potential PS4 classic.


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