Daredevil Season 2 Trailers

News: Last year Marvel and Netflix found success when they partnered up and started on the goal of providing audiences with a darker more street level look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first two shows, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, were each a hit, both critically and with audiences, and now in 2016 fans will be able to return to Hell’s Kitchen and catch up on the story of Matt Murdock. Today Marvel has given fans their first real look at that story.

“Updated with Trailer Two featuring Elektra”

Thoughts: Looks like things are going to be getting much worse for one Matthew Murdock before they get any better and for fans of the comic that is a very good thing. In the Marvel universe Matt/Daredevil is a man that very rarely has a good day, featuring some of the cruelest stories that the company has put out. He is a hero that is in constant battle with himself, of trying to always do what he feels is just and pure, a hero with true morals and faith and one that is consistently being tested by the two. Whether it is a battle within himself or a very real confrontation in the physical world, it is usually the ones closest to Matt that pay the ultimate price.

It is perfect then that one of his biggest obstacles in the upcoming season will be the popular Marvel “hero” Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher. These are two men at polar opposites when it comes to their beliefs and motives. Murdock wants criminals to be brought to justice, to stand trial and be convicted of their crimes and to pay the necessary price for them even as he himself knows the system in place is flawed and corrupt.

Castle would rather skip all of that nonsense and be the Judge, Jury and Executioner. He is a man that has lost everything he ever loved in the world and has given up on the fragile systems built by man. Whether he see’s a petty thief or a supervillain, the end result will be the same, they will be taken out.

This dynamic, this difference between the two men has manifested many times within the comics as both tense physical confrontations but also as long philosophical debates. Any time Daredevil and Punisher meet they are certain to butt heads and challenge themselves in ways that other heroes never do when they interact. However these confrontations play out they are guaranteed to provide audiences with great television and I cannot freakin wait!

Also Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle is perfect casting.


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