Bryan’s Top 5 Games of 2015

IconWatsup CounterAttack readers? The names Bryan and while none of you would know me from past articles or shows I was thiiiiiiiiis close to being on the sites podcast, CA! Radio. However, due to my laptop dying that never happened. BUT if future plans go accordingly then I should definitely be a part of some future content down the line.

2015 was a pretty great year for gaming with some new sequels to great long running franchises arriving along with some surprising new takes on old ideas. So keep on reading for my favorites and (hopefully) you’ll see some new stuff from me in the near future.

“Bryan’s Top 5 Games of 2015”

5.) Evolve

Not being a PC gamer I had never played anything quite like Evolve before. The asymmetrical multiplayer, where four human players take on one large monster player is a rare idea on consoles and while plenty of people gave it a bad rap for its dlc structure, both the game and its season pass weren’t bad. Matches can live and die by how good your teammates are playing their chosen roles, with one wrong move or bad decision resulting in an entire teams downfall.

The monster designs and abilities are pretty great too. From huge hulking beasts to fast and agile stalkers to molten balls of living lava and devilishly cunning arachnids. While some may feel the game can get repetitive, the few modes available never bothered me much and, even with the game under performing, the developers are still releasing new content. Unfortunately being an online focused game, the community is small and I am really hoping that this will be made available as a PlayStation Plus or Games with Gold title, as that would definitely help its awareness and may even get some more sales in the form of DLC purchases.

4.) Mortal Kombat X

I have always loved Mortal Kombat and the last generation reboot was a fantastic back to basics entry that got the series back on track after a few years of just average fighters. With Mortal Kombat X NetherRealm Studios continues that upward trend and delivered another kickass sequel that every MK fan should love. This game knocks almost every aspect out of the park with easy pick up and play mechanics, genuinely cool and interesting new characters and some of the sickest fatalities in any game series to date that actually made me cringe a few times.

While the story mode isn’t as long or deep as MK 9’s its still better than any other fighting game that I have played and continues the story path of the original games while adding in some new twists and turns. New modes arrive in the form of Kombat Towers and Daily Challenges and Kustom Kombat but unfortunately tag modes are out for this one. The online play is good with options like King of the Hill and Tournaments and the community is still active. Mortal Kombat X is something I can still pop in and play and for a fighting game thats saying something.

3.) Madden NFL 16

When it comes to videogame football you never know what you are going to get with EA and Tiburon. Most years it seems like just another rehash with some tacked on “upgrades” that nobody asked for but in 2015 Madden finally delivered one of its best entries since 2004. This is easily one of the best Madden’s I have played and its pretty great to finally be able to say that. For veterans there are now new features that actively change up how you play the game and for rookies there are enough tutorials and mini games to allow you to easily learn the basics of football.

From a reworked passing system that gives you more control to a radically overhauled catching and defending battle that can make each pass a game of rock, paper and scissors; the gameplay of Madden has never been more exciting or rewarding. On top of this there are new modes such as the quick Draft Champions and an Online Franchise that continues to grow both deeper and easier to understand and manage. Hopefully this years Madden continues to see this type of development instead of turning into another boring entry.

2.) Batman: Arkham Knight

Playing Batman: Arkham Knight I actually feel like I am inside one of my favorite comic books. From the massive Gothic skyscrapers to the disgusting and dirty city streets and all of the perfectly captured characters between, Rocksteady has finished their Dark Knight trilogy in just about the most perfect way. Yeah, the story can be a bit predictable but it still goes to some awesome places and I didn’t find the Batmobile sections to be as bad as others have said. Driving around Gotham feels as badass and heavy as it should and being able to eject whenever you want and go flying across the sky will always be a great experience.

While the story and side missions offer tons of hours of content the AR missions are still just as addicting as ever and continue to bring me back so that I can compete with my friends and the downloadable content offers some alright diversions with new characters and races. Arkham Knight was easily one of the best looking and best action games I played this year.

1.) Rocket League

Rocket LeagueRocket League is easily one of the most fun games I have ever played. This game almost, almost, makes me think about sitting down and giving real football (soccer) another chance. Thats not gonna happen though. Instead i’ll just continue to turning this game on almost every night and wasting away hours upon hours on just one more game.

Rocket League is super easy to pick up and play and also super easy to waste your entire day playing. Yeah the game has some single player modes, such as exhibition and career, but the real heart of this game is its huge online community. From the more casual and laid back unranked options to the games super competitive Ranked play, the online players will keep each and every game unpredictable and tense. I’m sure when its Chuck’s turn to post his “Top 10” Rocket League will be talked about in more depth, so I’ll just say again that this is easily one of the most fun and unique games I have played in years and a game every single gamer should at least try. Don’t let the “soccer” aspect scare you away, this game is addictive and crazy.


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