Warcraft Trailer

News: After years of waiting the worlds first real glimpse of Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures long gestating Warcraft film has finally arrived. Based upon the popular real time strategy and massively multiplayer online games, Warcraft showcases the struggle between the mighty Orcs and the ever resilient humans as they both face off against one another to help their races find peace.

Thoughts: It feels like I first heard about plans for a Warcraft film when I was still in school. Or maybe even back before humanity began going into space. Not sure. In fact early talks actually did begin when I was still in school, but just barely. Blizzard Entertainment, after the massive success of its RPG World of Warcraft began shopping plans for a film back in 2006 but filming wouldn’t commence until 2014. Will the wait be worth it?

I have been hoping for the best for this project for a long time. I would love to see this story get the treatment it deserves. Warcraft, both in its strategy and online spaces, has been a hugely influential franchise and one that deserves some proper film treatment. But after watching this trailer i’m just not sure how I feel about it. It is going to be tough to inspire audiences into seats for many reasons, one being that it is yet another fantasy film which is a genre that is very hit or miss financially and two, that the story presented within the trailer has been seen a thousand times before on both the big and small screen.

After viewing the trailer all I can think about is how very Avatar it all is. Now I haven’t touched the original Warcraft games in a very long time and when I did I don’t believe I ever completed them all the way through. It wasn’t until Warcraft 3 where the story really kicked into gear and took some more interesting turns but I don’t recall any human and Orc relations taking place and lines such as “You side with the humans, against your own kind” just elicit moans at this point. Its all very been there done that.

The trailer just comes away very generic and lacks any real soul.
I hope this is just a poor representation however and I will still be seeing the film and hoping that it is the first good videogame adaptation. At the very least the presentation has a chance to look fantastic, especially in IMAX. While there are certain shots of vista’s that look oddly poor the Orcs themselves look great and there is still plenty of time left before the films June release to touch things up.

What say you? How do you feel after Warcraft’s first look? Comment below and let us know.


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