Jessica Jones Trailer

News: After the success of Marvel and Netflix’s dark and mature Daredevil series comes the next adaptation from print to screen, Jessica Jones. Starring Krysten Ritter, David Tennant and Mike Colter, Jessica Jones follows the story of a super-heroine that opens a private investigation business and must deal with an old threat returning.

Thoughts: Now that is a good trailer.

With Daredevil Marvel and Netflix accepted the task of taking an already beloved comic book character and bringing to life his history of well known stories and characters to the small screen and they succeeded, but was there any doubt? Sure Daredevil is no Batman when it comes to reach and popularity but he at least has had his own film, quality aside, and he has been featured in several cartoons and videogames throughout the years. Daredevil was a somewhat more grounded concept that people also had the possibility of recognizing if not completely understanding. Daredevil was a hero that was both familiar and new to viewers.

Jessica Jones is no Daredevil.
Jones does not have a history of beloved comic runs and stories. She has not appeared in cartoons or games. Hell, Jessica Jones is actually relatively new to even the comic world with her first appearance coming in 2001. Unlike Daredevil Jessica Jones is an actual risk for Marvel and Netflix and that makes it all the more special and rewarding if it succeeds, which it looks like it will.

Marvel needs to showcase their great lineup of lesser known heroes, especially heroes that are not just the typical white males and Jessica Jones looks to be a great strong female character that people can look up to. The addition of Luke Cage, an important part of Jones story but also another lesser known hero within the Marvel universe is also a great element of this project. Out of the hundreds of characters that Marvel could have chosen as their next television project it is a nice change of pace to see them want to tackle such an unknown and relatively knew character as Jessica Jones.

The superhero genre has been doing well but it could always use more variety and stars and if this first look is any indication it will be getting both come November 20th when the series premiers on Netflix.


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