Back to the Future & More Enter Rocket League

News: Today on the always great PlayStation Blog the folks over at Psyonix, developers of the terrific Rocket League, unveiled a partnership with Universal that none of us knew we wanted but must now own immediately.

Thoughts: If you haven’t yet tried out the incredible Rocket League what are you doing reading this? Download that game immediately (as long as you have a PC or PS4) and set aside several hours to lose yourself in the exciting and addictive world of motorized soccer.

Provided to PS+ members for free in July Rocket League rocketed to the top of everyone’s playlist after launch. Taking most by surprise gamers everywhere fell in love with the addictive racer / sport hybrid and the game continues to see success today with many not leaving the game behind for newer shinier multiplayer experiences.


Since launch developer Psyonix has continued to provide both free and paid updates to the game in the form of new courses, music and vehicles. Today however the team have unveiled their best DLC yet in the form of a new partnership with Universal to bring the classic DeLorean from Back to the Future into the game, complete with its own unique car trail and effects.

The “Back to the Future Car Pack” will go for a reasonable $1.99 USD when it releases on October 21st, the same day Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II. Besides bringing classic Hollywood vehicles to the game the team at Psyonix are also bringing back classic Rocket League vehicles.

Tomorrow, October 13th, Rocket League will be receiving its next DLC titled “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” featuring two classic cars from Psyonix’s first entry into the vehicle sport genre, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. In the pack the two new vehicles named Scarab and Zippy will be accompanied by additional customization options such as new car trails, antenna and paint jobs.


On top of the two paid car packs releasing in October the developers will be releasing a new patch to coincide with the “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” content which will include two new map variants in the form of Urban Station (Night) and Utopia Coliseum (Dusk) as well as new music and community flags and the usual further optimization. As if that wasn’t enough the game will also be seeing some free Halloween themed items beginning October 18th.

Starting October 18th and running until November 2nd any players that complete matches have the chance to nab some fun Halloween themed customization options for their battle cars. Any of the treats that gamers unlock they own permanently but any that they miss have to wait until next Halloween for another chance at unlocking. The free themed items are “Calavera” Antenna, “Candy Corn” Rocket Trail, “Carriage” Wheels,“Fuzzy Brute” Antenna,“Fuzzy Vampire” Antenna and the “Pumpkin” Topper.


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