The Good Dinosaur Trailer

News: This Thanksgiving Pixar Animation Studios release their next adventure that’ll take you to an age when prehistoric wonders roamed the earth and one human child helped to protect one lost dinosaur.

Thoughts: The Good Dinosaur has been in production for years at Pixar with initial planning occurring before 2009 and the film being scrapped and restarted several times since. The films original director was removed from the project in 2013 and the films release just continued to be pushed further and further back. If this were a game or any other studio i’d be pretty worried…but its Pixar!

Disney and Pixar have helped create some of the best animated films of all time and after releasing 15 movies together there has only been one genuinely bad release with Cars 2.  While others such as Brave and Monsters University didn’t quite reach Pixars usual bar of quality and creativity, at any other studio they would be considered huge successes.

After not releasing a film last year (the first for the studio) this year saw the release of Inside Out in June and it turned out to be one of the best Pixar films in years and a true return to form for the company. Now this Thanksgiving the studio will be releasing their next feature length with The Good Dinosaur and it looks like it could be another exciting and heartwarming adventure.

I love a good dinosaur tale and combine that with Pixars incredible animation and both comedic and heartfelt stories and I believe this will be another big hit for a studio that looks to be back on track.

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