Suicide Squad Trailer

News: After having the trailer leak shortly after its premier at San Diego Comic Con Warner Bros. Pictures have officially released the trailer for David Ayer’s upcoming comic book adaptation of the Suicide Squad.

Thoughts: Over the last couple of months, through all of the leaked set pictures and character reveals, the Suicide Squad film has done nothing for me. The dark and gritty approach that DC is taking with their film universe, which does match the darker tone that their comics have leaned towards over the last couple of years until recently, just doesn’t do much to send me rushing into the theater.

And after this trailer, i’m still in the same boat.
This is just a teaser, offering fans their first official looks at the cast and characters but the trailer, save for the end, just has no energy or excitement. The soft music that is probably supposed to give off an unsettling vibe doesn’t work and the scenes shown offer little else then just people slowly walking with guns and a bat. 

Of course skimming the YouTube comments i’m seeing exactly what I expected, people losing their minds over three seconds of Leto’s Joker, with some already proclaiming his acting as “beyond phenomenal!” Really? Come on people on the internet, for once show me calm sane intelligence.

Jared Leto is a terrific actor and I have said before he will own the role and do well with the material he is given – even if I don’t actually like the material itself – but hearing him say one line in a trailer isn’t showcasing “beyond phenomenal” acting.

What do you people think? Did the trailer do anything to sway you one way or the other or will you be waiting to see more?


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