Hearthstone and the legendary crawl

Hello readers, I am sure many, if not all of you, know of Blizzards card game Hearthstone by now. As a Magic the Gathering player myself I was immediately hooked by Blizzards take on the genre. Since starting it up I have made it a personal goal of mine to hit Legendary status in the games ranked mode. As a new player it is a lofty goal but one I am prepared to go the distance with. I will be posting small weekly updates on games I have completed and my current rank. It is currently July ninth at midnight as I write this and I am currently ranked 18.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with how the ranking system works it goes as so. 25-20 are ranks in which you cannot lose stars. Stars are accumulated by winning games. From rank 20-legendary you can and probably will lose stars. Between 20 and 15 each rank requires 3 stars to move on and from 14 on the stars increase. Getting to Legendary status requires me to be my best and practice, as any good game requires. With a 45% win rate it can take 114,416 games to hit that Legendary status . That seems insane, so I’ve got to average at least 51% or better. I don’t expect this to happen anytime soon so it’ll be a grind. Anyone interested in spectating me playing or even if you want to play a few rounds my battle.net tag is Krubaka#1127.  My deck list for this month will be below and I will be playing Patron Warrior and aggressive combo decks of sorts.

Its always exciting to pick up new games and especially ones that have that unique Blizzard polish and charm.
And free. – Jeff

Hearthstone Screenshot 07-09-15 00.48.05


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