Dev Attack! “Almost There!”

Pretty much super excited with my first ever site from scratch! I got myself organized, started with mind maps then switched over to Trello, stretched up some concepts and finally built it! Also quite a bit of googling, using CSS Tricks and stackoverflow

The site uses Jekyll, SASS, Parrallax, first time dealing with Responsive, and a very small amount of Angular. smile

Here is the site:

It’s still not finished but it’s 90% there! Now the dilemma I have to deal with is; Page Speed.

What I need to fix
What I need to fix

My main focus will be on minimizing the payload and minimizing delay in page load.

If you go to the site right now the images will pop in a few seconds after or when you scroll (which doesn’t look pretty at all). Learning about page optimizing has really opened up my eyes about how much I really don’t know about web development. But as a developer I won’t let that discourage me, I will just have to learn more about that.

Right now a lot of the content on the site are placeholders, so in the next few days I’ll work with Chris to make it look and feel finished. Until then this project will fall down the ladder a bit as I redirect my efforts to other projects.

almost done
Almost done!

Hug a stranger! – Randy


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