Daredevil Trailer

News: Marvel Studios and Netflix have premiered the first look at their upcoming series, Daredevil. Set to release on April 10th the series, which will be fully available the day of for those crazy enough to binge watch, will follow the Marvel comics character Matt Murdock as he lives out a normal life as a lawyer during the day before donning a costume and becoming the vigilante hero known as Daredevil at night.

Thoughts: While Daredevil isn’t as well known as Batman or Spider-Man, he should be. The “Man Without Fear” has had some incredible stories in the printed page and now general audiences may finally have a reason to get excited for the character. After the dreadful Fox film starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner its about time Marvel Studios themselves took a crack at the character.

Being a “street level” hero Murdock should prove to be a character that can capture audiences attention, especially with The Flash and Arrow gaining popularity on the CW. More gritty and down to earth, Matt’s convictions to justice and helping others while also doing what must be done sets him apart from the more fantastical Marvel heroes we have seen thus far on the bigger screens. The fact he doesn’t have typical “superpowers” also allows the character to stand on his own and show audiences that anyone can make a difference.

This brief teaser sets an ominous tone and one that is a large departure from the typical Marvel fare we have received up to this point. With plenty of scenes set at night and large depictions of violence, all with voice over from Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock asking for forgiveness from a priest, this is definitely not Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Thor: The Dark World and appears to be taking Marvel fans into a much more sinister corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



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