Chappie Trailer

News: The trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s (District 9, Elysium) new film about a robot with the ability to think, learn, feel and grow and the obstacles he must overcome in a world that distrusts and hates him has been released. Starring Sharlto Copley, Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver the film opens March 6th from Sony Pictures.

Thoughts: You can see from the first frame of a trailer that a film is directed by Neill Blomkamp. From the color palette to the dirt and grime and to the tiny details that he infuses within his films to make their worlds appear both entirely plausible and utterly depressing. This signature touch, whether you like it or not, does not appear to be changing with his forthcoming film, Chappie.

Both of the directors previous works, District 9 and Elysium, tackled issues of segregation, be by race or social status, and Chappie seems to be tackling similar issues by way of robotic intelligence and the idea of free will and ones place in the world. I admire Blomkamp’s attempts to create Hollywood style films but doing so with stories and ideas that are far more “adult” and “mature” than the usual dreck that the industry usually turns out, even if the final product is still hit or miss.

The casting of Hugh Jackman, who is able to show off his native accent here, as a villain is also really nice to see while, unfortunately, Sigourney Weaver seems to be playing a role she has several times before, such as in Cabin in the Woods. Of course Sharlto Copley, Blomkamp’s main man, is playing Chappie, albeit in motion capture this time around.

Chappie has my interest in that it continues Blomkamp’s tradition of creating films that look visually remarkable and ones that strive to be something more than your traditional Hollywood fare. The fact that he continues to get large budgets to create these rundown stories is impressive but for his next outing, I hope to see a departure for the director and see him create something entirely different.


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