Ant-Man Trailer

News: Several days ago Marvel Entertainment released the first look at their long in (troubled) development film, Ant-Man. Originally to be directed by the fantastic Edgar Wright before leaving due to creative differences the movie is now in the hands of Peyton Reed, who’s larger work consists of Yes Man and The Break-Up. The film stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglass and Evangeline Lilly as they attempt to pull off the perfect heist that just may save the world. Catch the trailer below and expect the film to arrive July 17th!

Thoughts: Last year, during the lead up to the release of Marve’s Guardians of the Galaxy, many were saying that the film would be the studio’s hardest sell to the average moviegoer. I never understood this thinking. Guardians was going to be a fun space faring adventure that featured a diverse cast of crazy aliens and fugitives as they jumped from one action set piece to another. Who wouldn’t like that film? It had been ages since we had a fun space adventure in the vein of The Fifth Element and Galaxy Quest.

Guardians of the Galaxy was always going to be a success.

Now Ant-Man…that’s another story.
This film has been in development hell for what seems like forever. With several rewrites, issues behind the scenes and director Edgar Wright, who I thought was a perfect choice, leaving the project I felt the movie should just be cancelled altogether. After all, what casual movie fan wants to see a movie titled “Ant-Man”?

And that title, the moniker and abilities of characters Hank Pym and Scott Lang; that is the big hurdle that Marvel must somehow leap with its casual film-going audience. Ant-Man is the toughest film to date for the seemingly untouchable Marvel Cinematic Universe and may be the studios first real flop.

While Marvel has a very large hill to climb in trying to make the Superhero Ant-Man “cool” and to make audiences believe that a guy can shrink down in size and communicate with the little buggers before hopping on top of one and flying off into the sunset, I still believe the trailer was a well done tease.

Instead of going with the humorous and goofball approach of the Guardians teasers, Ant-Man instead attempts to pull you in with character. While the suit and powers of Ant-Man will be a tough pill to swallow for most casual audiences, the ideas of love and loss, of reconnecting with your children and trying to do what is right, those are ideals and emotions people can recognize and understand. Even as a trailer showcases some ridiculous abilities to go along with the narration.

Stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglass also lend some much needed credence and of course, the Marvel Studios logo doesn’t hurt. While much is still up in the air about this film, I still have faith that Marvel will put out another solid film, maybe not their best, but probably far from their worst.

Marvel and its fans have a long wait until opening night, where the mystery of whether or not casual audiences will turn up in droves for the film or just laugh it off as ridiculous and lame. At least the trailer acknowledges the trouble with the title.


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