Android Attack! “Let’s Git it!”

First! I must address that I now know what Gradle is actually for and how important it is. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and hope. Not much happened development wise, besides launching the site for our model; Bianca Flore.

But I did end up getting a new laptop, where I quickly installed:

  • Visual Studios
  • Git Bash
  • Ruby
  • Android Studios
  • A WAMP Server

I also switched over to Sublime Text instead of using Notepad++, which I still adore. Truth be told, I really enjoyed using Caret, which I used on my Chromebook. I found it to be a simple and quick text editor, but Sublime Text has done the job quite well.

Now I did do some learning of course, and that was getting familiar with Git and in general version control. Git always peaked my interest, but I shied away from it mainly because I couldn’t install it on my Chromebook and I was just intimidated by it. I mean you’re using command prompt! Sidenote: I never thought I would be using the command prompt as much as I have. Used it when learning C#, C, Ruby, Node.js, and Git. It’s definetly a different and cool experience, hope to explore it more.

Anyway back on track! Here are some things I learned from Git;

    1. Launching Sublime from the Git Bash:

First you must find the file ls C:/Program\ Files/ Sublime\ Text\ 2

echo 'alias subl="C:/Program\ Files/ Sublime\ Text\ 2/sublime_text.exe"' >> ~/.bashrc
Then set a keyword to it, from the tutorial on Udacity I used subl.
Now do I know what echo or alias or ~/.bashrc mean? Nope, but in due time.

    1. Setting up a Workspace with Git Bash:
cd ~ 	        :change directories to your home directory
mkdir  		:make the directory
cd 		:go to said directory
mkdir (sub)     :create sub directory
subl 		:will launch sublime with file called
pwd		:prints out working directory
ls		:list the files in this directory
    1. Comparing files:

Use git log to find all the commits, from newest to oldest. Then using git diff to compare the differences in the files.

All in all, this is just a slice of what Git can do. Also will be very useful for developing my Android app.

Have a Happy New Years everyone! Hug someone! -Randy


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