Android Attack! “The Beginning”

Hello readers! it is Randy here and I welcome you to what will be my new development blog. It has been something many of my mentors have told me to consider, and since this will be my first attempt to develop an Android app (without knowing much Java) I might as well start here! Listeners of our small podcast, CA! Radio, have been noticing my slow transition into the software/web development world but for those that don’t follow the show, here is a brief history on how it started:


I guess I should explain myself in a bit more detail. I have always had a driving interest to code but I was always too scared by the foreign-ness and complexity of learning a programming language.

This is a basic C program:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
printf(“Hello World! “);
return 0;

Ask me what any of that meant five months ago and I would have simply thrown in the towel of defeat and walked away from it all. Luckily I didn’t.

A really good friend and my mentor, Eric, has been hounding me for about three years to make something. Well finally in April, he came to me and told me to apply for an internship at his company. I gladly accepted. The main goal was to learn a programming language called C Sharp (C#), and maybe build an application for the company to see that; “Hey he is trying.”

So for three months I was hard at work learning C#. Using free online tutorials to buying $100 books, I was all in at this point. Now I should preference this with what happened in between the learning and then applying. I got seriously injured at my day job, case in point I had 1000lbs hit me and pin me to the ground. You can say I had a revaluation of what I’m really doing with my life and do I really want to work at such a basic job for the rest of my days. In turn those events fueled my thirst, every waking moment was dedicated to learning C#. Which meant sacrifices were made;  spend less time on gaming and on my eSports team. At first my competitive gaming partners were hit hard by me taking a backseat to it all, but luckily I have been with these guys and gals for eight years now and we are a family. They have been supporting me in this endeavor, which has pushed me even farther. Love you guys!

After rigorous learning and studying came the time to apply. I hadn’t built any software to show off, but I was honest in what I knew and didn’t know. Which every developer I know has told me “If you don’t know, say it.”. In the development world it is very easy to call someone’s bluff so there is no point in lying. In the end I didn’t get the internship, which of course hurt but I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket. The next couple of months; July-September. I spent my time looking at a lot of software/web programming languages; C, C++, Python, and JavaScript. Joining my local meetups and just surrounding myself with developers so I could learn more. In September, I stepped out of the haze of exploring to finally making up my mind; I wanted to be a web developer.

Since then, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have been the point of emphasis. So far it is has been really enjoyable, it’s what clicked the fastest and has been the most refreshing. Pretty brief huh?

Then the question comes; Why are you making an android app? The answer is pretty simple; I still enjoy the software side, and I like creating. Plus Google’s new design language, Material Design is absolutely beautiful. Which complements the app I want to make.

With that, I hope you join in on this journey and enjoy the ride with me. It will be super bumpy, but in the end it will be smooth sailing. High five! – Randy

______________My first Android app!______________


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