SDCC Arrow Season 3

DC and Warner Bros. are certainly making television programming interesting with their current assault of DC comics properties attacking the small screen. While the Flash, Gotham and Constantine are ready to make waves this fall on CW, NBC and Fox, they owe it all to the popularity of CW’s other show, Arrow.

While the green archer still suffers plenty from normal CW tropes such as overly attractive characters, soap opera drama and up and down writing; none of that can change the fact that it is still plenty entertaining and is still bringing a DC comics character to life better than he has been before.

With the show being one of the CW’s biggest audience draws it has opened the door for the newer superhero fare and at San Diego Comic Con fans received their first tease of whats to come in the upcoming Season 3. Along with a special Flash crossover that will span both shows, the heavily teased DC character Ra’s Al Ghul will make his grand entrance into the Arrow verse as a formidable enemy.

You can get a first glimpse of the upcoming festivities with the below trailer.


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