Orange is the New Black S1 Review

Plot: The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend.

Review: OITNB is a newer Netflix original series that has garnered mass critical acclaim since it premiered on the streaming service. The trailer for season one was all over and Youtube trying to sway potential viewers when it launched, I however wasn’t interested by those trailers because the characters being displayed seemed too over the top and annoying.  Recently I broke down though upon seeing the acclaim and the hype for season two and figured “Why the hell not?”  and began watching. To my surprise the show…well surprised me.  I found myself laughing at the show and really enjoying its characters. OITNB manages to balance its comedy with its drama very nicely. The acting throughout the series is also top notch with each character getting a chance to shine. Characters that I thought I would hate after seeing the promotional material (Crazy-eyes and Taystee) where characters that managed to be both funny and sympathetic.

Unfortunately the show doesn’t do everything right however. While casting on 90% of the team is great it also features Jason Biggs as a lead, who personally I can’t stand. Biggs on screen is annoying, whiny and all around a part of the show that I keep waiting to end. The show also has the potential to turn some people off due to its surprisingly graphic content at times.

All in all Orange is the New Black is a strong show, one that is helped along with its very strong cast of supporting characters and well written leads and one that is deserving of viewers time. – Jeff

The Rundown

  • + Great cast and acting
  • + Mixes funny and sincere incredibly well
  • – Jason Biggs
  • – Mature content may be too much for some

Final Score

9.0 / 10



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