The Flash “Extended Trailer”

Last night was the second season finale of CW’s Arrows and during a commercial break it featured a small teaser for CW’s “The Flash”, unfortunately it was a small jokey teaser that ultimately amounted to nothing in the end. But today that has changed, as the CW have released a very long look at The Flash.

With Arrow being such a big hit right now on the small network, and Smallville a success before it, the CW are hoping it can nab a hat trick and successfully bring another DC superhero into the homes of viewers. Planting the seeds earlier in Arrows second season, The Flash will continue Barry Allens adventure beginning after the accident in his lab. Grant Gustin returns as the hero along with newcomer but veteran Tom Cavanagh as they learn to understand his abilities and those of his enemies.

With Arrow being a flawed but still very enjoyable show, hopefully Flash can measure up as well. Only issue I see are his two lab assistants being unbelievably annoying and I have only had to endure them for three minutes in an episode of Arrow and several seconds of them in this trailer.

One thought on “The Flash “Extended Trailer”


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