Gambit Cast for X-Men

So the rumors and talks have turned out to be true. Channing Tatum will soon be seen on the big screen as the fan favorite Marvel character, Remy LeBeau, known better as Gambit.

The 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike star had expressed interest in playing the character last year when he was asked if he would like to do a comic book film one day. Tatum is from Louisiana and says he could bring a real Cajun accent and style to the character. It was later revealed that X-Men Days of Future Past producer, Lauren Shuler Donner, had actually initiated talks with the actor following his statements.

But today it was revealed that not only were the two talking, but that Tatum has snagged the part. During a red carpet promotion for Days of Future Past Donner has let out that the part has been cast and will obviously be appearing in a future X-film, but which one?

It is already known that the next X-Men film will be following the story of Apocalypse and fans can instantly put together what part Gambit may play in that story. (Hint: It would be an interesting and significant part.) Donner also let out that two projects she would like to get off the ground at Fox are X-Force and the cursed Deadpool project.

Any Gambit fans out there that despise this news? Or do you think Channing could finally do justice to this often pushed aside character. Either way, it would have to be better than his Wolverine Origins portrayal right? Right?



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