First look at Batman

Following yesterdays tease from director Zack Snyder, fans have their first look at both the Batmobile and Ben Affleck as Batman from the Batman VS Superman project which has just started filming.

First the director Tweeted out a sneak peek at the new Batmobile from behind.

And then today Tweeted this image showcasing the new costume and Affleck under the cowl.

Fans have been split on the decision of casting Ben Affleck as Bruce/Batman, but I have always been a supporter of the decision. This picture, for me, proves he definitely can provide the look and is, for this project, not the worst casting decision made.

The new Bat suite shares similarities to Frank Millers run and looks more in line with the comics than Nolans ever did. The Batmobile as well is a mix of old and new, with similarities to both Burtons and Nolans rides.

What are your thoughts on this tease and who would you like to get glimpses of next?

One thought on “First look at Batman

  1. On the costume side:

    I was a little unsure to begin with but it rapidly grew on me. It looks like a mix between the Dark Knight Returns and the more recent Batman Games costume designs. I love that the cowl itself looks angry 😀

    For the vehicle:

    I kinda need to see more but I do like it. Have you seen that Cinematic trailer for the latest Batman Game. The bat-mobile looks very similar.

    Who’d I like to see next. Well I am quite nervous about Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Their costumes haven’t had all that much field testing. Superman and Batman have both had quite a few live action appearances but Cyborg and WW haven’t had the same luck. Remember that terrible WW TV pilot 😦

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