Constantine Trailer

When it was announced some time ago that NBC was looking to create an adaptation of the popular DC/Vertigo comic series, Hellblazer, I was both excited and worried. On the one hand, the source material could make for a great thrill ride each and every week and is deserving, on the other…this is NBC we’re talking about. This is a channel known for its failed comedies and The Biggest Loser more than anything else and the closest show to Constantine that they have put out is Grimm, which is just awful.

Constantine would feel right at home on networks such as AMC or FX, so how in the world is it shuffling out of NBC’s door? I do not know, but either way today we have gotten our first look at the new show with its first official trailer, and while it could have used some moody music and a little cinematic flair, its not as bad as I was expecting. While the show will not be as dark as it should, the trailer did appear to be trying to be more frightening than Grimm, which is a good thing and the lead, Matt Ryan, is actually from the UK and looks far closer to the character than the American interpretation with Keanu Reeves (Which I still heavily enjoyed and would have liked to have seen a sequel)

It is safe to assume that Constantine will still suffer many of basic networks problems, such as poor special effects and corny jokes, but we can all hope that it will be closer in line with CW’s Supernatural and less like NBC’s own Grimm.

Also, I don’t recall seeing any chain smoking in this trailer…there has to be lots of smoking dammit!


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