Gotham Trailer

I was skeptical before, and now I still don’t know about this one. This show can either be decent or terrible. What began as a great idea, a show about the Gotham City Police Department and Jim Gordon’s beginnings as a cop on the force, has slowly been turning more and more into a young Batman story. While that makes sense, Batman is pretty popular I hear, I would still much rather have a dark and gritty tale about the hard working men in blue as they tackle the various forms of evil within Gotham’s streets. Y’know, the dark and sinister underbelly that is relentless and forces a man to dress as a bat in order to change things. With such a format you can still see the occasional character from the comic, but it wouldn’t be the shows gimmick and crutch.

However, with young interpretations of all the major players in Gotham (come on, seriously, Catwoman?) this show seems to be going more Smallville and less True Detective. Plus its on Fox and that is never a good sign. Either way, check out the trailer then let us know what you think about this new project in the comments below.


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