Disney Infinity 2.0 Revealed

While it was known that Disney Interactive and Avalanche Studio’s next installment to their popular Disney Infinity franchise would be announced today, and that it would involve fan favorite Marvel characters making an appearance, we didn’t know the extent of the upgrade. Would this announcement be nothing more than an expansion to the title, or a more likely but more impressive true sequel? The answer, thankfully, is the latter, even if it is called Disney Infinity 2.0.

As a big fan of Disney and their hundreds of characters and worlds, I happily purchase the original Infinity when it launched and have been slowly grabbing the figures to this day. I felt the foundation was solid even if it could definitely use some improvements. With the original Infinity selling over 3 million units and generating 500 million in sales, a sequel was inevitable. With Disney Infinity 2.0, or rather Marvel Infinity, Avalanche Studios are doing what every great sequel should, upping every level of the game and coating everything in a nice shiny polish.

While fans will still be receiving the core Disney characters they love in the future, Disney Infinity 2.0 is definitely focused on the Marvel brand, after all its pretty hot right now. This fall gamers can pick up a Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack, including a base, two power discs, an Avengers playset and three Avengers team members: Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor. (I think they should replace Iron Man with Captain America but what do I know?) Not only does this Starter Pack give you everything you need to start the game but it does it with multiplayer in the campaign to boot (the original didn’t) and it also gives the young girls out their a strong female character to enjoy.

To complement these figures Disney and Marvel also showed off the rest of the Avengers team consisting of the Hulk, Hawkeye and Captain America. Besides these six characters, the team also let out that over a dozen other playable Marvel characters are in development. The gameplay trailers the team showed off featured a few more familiar faces, including Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Loki, Spider-Man, Iron Patriot, Winter Soldier and, surprisingly, M.O.D.O.K. While Raccoon and Groot and Loki will no doubt be playable (Guardians will be huge this Holiday) it remains to be seen whether Iron Patriot and Winter Soldier will only be relegated to the games new team up maneuvers, thanks to 80 new power discs, or if they will join in on the fully featured fun.

So what gives this game its 2.0 moniker? Well a lot actually. Disney Infinity 2.0 looks to be a sequel in every sense of the word. From stories that are more exciting (and written by comic veteran Brian Michael Bendis) to worlds that are four times as large as the biggest play sets of the original to characters that are more involved and feature rich to more intricate and easy to use creation features: Infinity 2.0 seems to have it all. This time around the mantra seems to be make things more personal. 

As with the original game each character will have their own unique personality and special maneuvers, but this time around they also posses their own unique skill trees. This ensures that your Hawkeye will play just a little bit differently than your friends, possibly favoring agility over strength. Players will also be able to create worlds that are far more intricate with more in depth and easy to use creation tools. From building mountains and city blocks in seconds to being able to intricately design the insides of buildings, from dungeons to your very own house, in minutes. Everything is more to your liking.

While all of this new content is all well and good, what about the current roster of Disney Infinity products? Each and every current figure and power disc and even all of your created content, from worlds to mini-games, will seamlessly transfer over to Disney Infinity 2.0 from the start. While this was to be expected, it is still good to hear. All of your fantasies about Buzz Lightyear and Tony Stark teaming up can now come true. Also exciting is that while all past platforms will still be supported, Disney Infinity 2.0 will be launching on current gen platforms the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, hopefully fixing the graphical glitches and framerate stutters the original was crippled with.

With longer campaigns, more activities to enjoy, exciting characters to collect and play with and massive worlds to create and share with players online; Disney Infinity 2.0 will continue to make me feel both joy in enjoying the game, and shame in collecting small toy figures – even if they do look totally badass with their detail and art style and oh my god I need them all! Disney Infinity 2.0 will launch this Fall for Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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