Civilization: Beyond Earth Revealed

At Pax East this weekend a  plethora of games were shown and revealed, one of them being the announcement of; Civilization: Beyond Earth. As a huge fan of the Civilization series I was nothing more than excited. Once you achieve science victory in Civilization a spaceship would launch from the city you built it in an plunge into the unknown. This is where Beyond Earth focuses on and runs with it. Fans across the world are comparing it to Firaxis Games’ Alpha Centauri, released in the 90s. Beyond Earth is slated for a fall release. Here are two videos showing the game. One showing the announcement, the other is a talk with the developers by Polygon.



This is great news for all turn based strategy fans heck this might be the best year for TBS. We already had Age of Wonders and Banner Saga released earlier this year and the ever long wait of Galactic Civilizations 3 by Stardock. My concerns are whether or not this will be a re-skin of Civ 5 with renamed units/research/policies and if they will leave out content Civ fans have become accustom to for the sake of DLC, if  Firaxis goes down either of those routes, then a majority of the fan base will flock to Galactic Civilization.  But seeing what they did with XCOM, I have faith.


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