Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants

Klei Entertainment, developers of titles such as Mark of the Ninja and Shank, have been releasing teasers over the last several months for the first downloadable expansion to their hit survival game, Don’t Starve. Well today they have released the DLC for early access buyers on Steam at a slight discount! The expansion, titled Reign of Giants, will continue to be patched with fixes and additional content up until its full release, but for those that wish to dive into the game now, there seems to be plenty to get excited about.

I haven’t touched Don’t Starve for quite some time, although I did play it happily early on in its Beta life. While I wasn’t exploring its world however I did keep up with the games updates and the team at Klei seemed to stay fairly busy while I was away, implementing not only the usual bits such as new items to craft and new enemies to contend with, but also adding in the Winter season and an entire labyrinth of cave systems underneath the main world. The game has even been given WASD controls and controller support – since the game did release on the PS4 after all.

With each new update the urge to jump back into the game increased, but I would tell myself I would just wait till the next content update, to make sure when I dove back in I would get a truly exciting and fresh experience with as many new features as possible. Then the game was “Complete” by Klei’s Standards and I just didn’t have the time to explore the world of Don’t Starve. Soon after release however the fine folks at Klei Studios announced the games first full expansion, Reign of Giants. The teasers were brief but hinted at new seasons and of course, the titular giants to contend with. Sweet!

Now with the expansion releasing and having actual time, I decided to pick up this Reign of Giants early access and give the game a go, finally! While I haven’t played much, my first few days of survival did allow me to see plenty of new sights that had been added since I last played, some from casual updates but some from the expansion itself. The new control options are appreciated as I don’t much care for using a mouse for movement and I have also heard some nice new musical tracks while exploring the world and being attacked, something that might seem small but really helps keep things interesting.

As for the expansion itself, the DLC brings with it two additional characters with their own unique features, Webber and Wigfrid. Unfortunately you still have to unlock these two, but their descriptions are interesting. Webber is an unfortunate lad who was once eaten by a spider, unfortunately for him however he was never properly chewed upon or digested…so he’s kind of growing and living inside a spider…sounds terrifying but it does have its perks! He can now befriend fellow arachnid scum! Wigfrid is an actress that has taken method acting to a whole new level and now believes herself to be her character, a Valkyrie, one that grows in strength as she fells foes.

Reign of Giants also features new biomes to explore such as a desert, new seasons to contend with such as the harsh rain of spring or the scorching heat of summer, new creatures such as burrowing Moleworms (the digging effect looks pretty neat) Volt Goats and even creatures to befriend such as a Catcoon. Oh, of course there are apparently giants as well or something.

As someone who enjoyed Don’t Starve but hasn’t played for a long while, Reign of Giants is the perfect reason to get excited and hop back in. The core game has had dozens of content updates and this expansion only seems to improve an already great base. At only $3.99 (early access price, $4.99 thereafter) I have already enjoyed myself plenty and have barely scratched the surface of the DLC. If you had played the core game but got bored or if you haven’t picked up Don’t Starve at all, now is the perfect time to go exploring.

Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants Steam Page. 


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