Age of Mythology Lives!

Sometimes the impossible can happen. Last year Hidden Path Entertainment resurrected fan favorite RTS Age of Empires 2, giving it a simple HD makeover and making it available on Steam. This year it seems the team have moved onto another well respected Ensemble Studios title, Age of Mythology.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition (dumb name) will be coming to Steam within the next few months, but this time around is more than just a slight tune up to the resolution of the game. Extended Edition will feature improved lighting, shadows and water as well as full steamworks integration and the ability to stream to Twitch from within the app. The game will also include the series expansion, The Titans, as well making for the best possible Age of Mythology experience.

The announcement trailer can be seen below so that you may see the improvements for yourself.

One thought on “Age of Mythology Lives!

  1. I’d love to play this game again. Though I liked it when it came out, I was harsh on it for not being AoE3. Over time, I’ve warmed up to it a lot. Day One buy!


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