International Announced

How this announcement alluded me I’ll never know (blame Age of Wonders 3 being released) but this morning I woke up to the best news possible; the fourth International(TI). Valve’s superbowl-esque tournament for Dota 2. Early in March the esports community had a hint of the possible days The International would take place, much to the controversy of Major League Gaming (MLG) dropping Dota 2 from it’s summer tour. Little by little rumors were spread and hype was rolling.

One of the biggest changes in this International is the venue, last two events were held at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. While the fourth installment will be taking place at *drumroll* KeyArena in Seattle. The biggest criticism Valve has received was “the venue not being big enough”, which in case lead to the TI3 being the fastest selling esports event.

Also with this announcement Valve released the prices and the amount of teams and qualifiers. For more detail check out


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