FTL: Advanced Edition Date

The folks over at Subset Games have some good news for fans of their incredibly difficult but highly praised title, FTL: Faster Than Light, and that news is that the free expansion will be releasing on April 3rd for everyone! Dubbed FTL: Advanced Edition, the free expansion will be adding new systems, races, encounters and adjustments to UI giving fans dozens of reasons to be excited to dive back into this frustrating galaxy.

Along with the announcement of a release date, Subset also unveiled that FTL: Advanced Edition will also be making its debut on Apples iPad on April 3rd, allowing gamers the world over to take their space faring adventure anywhere they wish. If you want to explore the galaxy and destroy space pirates on the train, in the middle of the park or at your desk at work, now you can!

FTL will automatically update to the Advanced Edition for free for those that already own the game, but if you haven’t yet jumped aboard, the game is still $10 and will go for that same price when it hits the App Store.


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