Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Battlefield 4 has had some serious issues since its release back in October of 2013, leaving DICE and EA with a big black eye and taking an otherwise excellent shooter out of many end of year award discussions, including here at CA. It was easy to see that underneath all of the glitches and network problems there was still a fantastic Battlefield game just waiting to be enjoyed by gamers, its just a damn shame it had to take months of both parties time to get to it.

Nowadays however Battlefield 4 is where it should have been five months ago, even if it took releasing what seems like hundreds of patches and suffering countless server outages to get there. If you enjoy massive first-person carnage than you are finally able to enjoy the game and experience its unique 64 player battles and great chopper against jet against tank moments.

A round of Battlefield is quite unlike any other game on the market and the latest trailer from EA showcases just how brilliant a match can be. Showing off the titles new Naval Strike expansion the trailer displays the games latest mode, Carrier Assault, and one of its new maps. The full expansion will feature Carrier Assault, 4 new multiplayer maps, a new vehicle and several new weapons and gadgets when it releases for Premium members on March 25th and for everyone else on April 8th.


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