Valve Releases “Free to Play: The Movie”

To much of the esports community and my pleasure, Valve today released Free to Play: The Movie. A documentary following three long time professional Dota players; Clinton “Fear” Loomis, Benedict “Hyhy” Lim, and Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. Who get to play in one of the most prestigious tournaments with the highest prize pool; The International hosted by Valve. It dives into the passion and dedication that drives players, the pitfalls and what they learn from the the experience.

As someone who is a part of the esports community it’s a great way to show the world how we see our part of gaming culture and what it means to us. Valve has done an amazing job capturing these peoples lives and what it truly takes to become a professional in a field that hasn’t yet made the limelight.

I invite gamers and non-gamers alike to step out of their comfort zone and experience this with us. My hope is that it will thin the rift between competitive gamers and the rest of the world. Enjoy! –Randy

2 thoughts on “Valve Releases “Free to Play: The Movie”


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