Current Playlist: Chuck

Writing. It is something that is far harder and takes much longer to do than most think. Especially if you wish to do it well. Usually it is something I wish to do well, and I hope I come close,  but for right now, it is simply something I must do. Finding the time and energy to write the proper pieces for the site that I wish to is a difficult task. Any time I feel like I may finally be able to complete a review or a hands-on impression, something comes up, whether it is work or school or something else. Well not this time!

This here article is not going to be something that I slave over. Fine tuning and editing, making sure the pictures are in the exact perfect spot or that I find the proper words to express what I wish to say. Nope. This is going to be a simple piece about music and, to be more exact, the music I am currently listening to to help me get through the days. This will actually be CA!’s first musical piece. This is the obligatory “Get something on the site NOW article.” Hope you enjoy!

“Current Playlist: Chuck”

Imagine Dragons: Night Visions

Dragons debut album, Night Visions, released at the tail end of 2012, but 2013 was the year where they would explode and grab numerous awards and titles, such as Billboards “Breakthrough Band of 2013.” And the accolades are well deserved. Night Visions is a great mix of uplifting and poignant tracks, with radio hits such as Demons to bonus tracks such as Round and Round. Night Visions is one of the most complete and consistent albums I have listened to in some time and is something that should be in everyones rotation.

Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Eminems eighth release was a cd of higher quality than his past few releases. While the veteran rapper still vents about parental issues and facing ones demons, his lyrical choices and delivery are still to be respected. The majority of the album is a hard hitting affair with only a couple of tracks, such as Beautiful Pain, slowing things down. For fans of his previous work, Marshall Mathers LP2 should be a no brainer.

Of Monsters and Men: My Head is an Animal

This Icelandic folk band originally released this album in 2011, but it wouldn’t hit US shores until a year later thanks to Universal Music Group. My Head is an Animal is a strange trip, one full of odd stories and subtle melodies; but it is certainly a journey worth taking. Even if you don’t exactly understand the songs meanings. While the overall package never tops its single Little Talks, the slower paced tracks spread about it can still soothe even the most rabid beast.

Rise Against: Long Forgotten Songs

While Long Forgotten Songs doesn’t feature any new recordings as was previously hinted, it is still a great mix of older tracks, rare bonus songs and live recordings that the more casual RA fan may not have realized existed. Featuring many songs from the groups earlier more Punk days, this latest release from the Chicago band is a nice reminder of where they came from before hitting it big, providing new fans a glimpse into the more harsher sounds they be unfamiliar with. For longtime fans who own these songs in multiple formats (such as myself) there are still some great rare tracks such as Death Blossoms and the acoustic version of Everchanging (the best version of the song imo) that make this compilation a solid purchase.

Zebrahead: Call Your Friends

With 2013’s Call Your Friends Zebrahead have delivered their most consistent and fun album in years. While its unfortunate that the hip-hop stylings of vocalist Ali Tabatabaee have been drastically toned down with this release, Matty Lewis more than delivers while also adding some extra edge to the bands pop punk sound of the past several releases. While tracks such as Call Your Friends offer the generic radio pop energy, its the harder gems here such as Stick ‘Em Up Kid and Panic in the Streets that will find more frequent rotation from fans. With its tenth release Zebrahead deliver another fast thrill that fans will surely enjoy while the rest of the world continues to ignore. At least they have huge success in Japan…even if i’m still sick of them getting exclusive bonus tracks with each cd… 


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