Monster Hunter 4G and Ultimate

During Capcom’s current Monster Hunter Festa 13 in Japan the company have announced the news many have been waiting for. Not only will the eastern market receive the usual G update with Monster Hunter 4G but the west will finally also be receiving the latest installment in the popular series on the Nintendo 3DS (with a possible announcement for Wii U still to come) for early 2015.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and G will be receiving online multiplayer on the 3DS as well as additional features to be announced later. Monster Hunter fans outside of Japan have been waiting for news on when they will finally be able to get their hands on the game (the original MH4 released in 2013) and while it is unfortunate we still have to wait a full year, at least it is coming and with additional options. Check out some screens and an original Monster Hunter 4 Trailer below.


5 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4G and Ultimate

  1. I hope it is good. I tried a demo for the previous entry in the series and I was really turned off by the empty world and roaming through seemingly endless loading zones.

    1. Its not terrible. The first couple of hours of Monster Hunter are on the slow side as it slowly introduces the player to all aspects, but if one allows themselves to become familiar and thus engrossed, its a large adventure and one that can be had with 4 friends.


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