CA! Radio: GOTY Awards 2013

The CA! gang had been preparing for some time for the end of 2013. The months leading up to its conclusion not only consisted of living our normal lives, but also preparing, preparing for Counter Attacks “Game of the Year Awards 2013.” We had lists that were changing daily, if not every few minutes. These lists consisted of Award Categories and the games that were up for them. The games that were worthy would be scrutinized and either kept or filed away under some rock nobody would think to look under. Eventually we had our finalists (or so we thought) and chose a day to deliberate and fight.

That day was last week on December 30th 2013. The final judges, myself, Randy and Chris, set aside an entire evening where we whittled the Categories down and chose winners and runners-up for each award. Each award consisted of five nominees that we deemed to be the best of the bunch, but through this process some last minute contenders showed up and forced their way into our categories – at the expense of one of the previous nominees.

This Game of the Year process took our entire night, over six hours in fact, and we recorded every second of it. Now below are the Two GOTY Episodes, edited, refined, and shortened (thankfully), for your potential listening pleasure. I have been working on the actual “Game of the Year Awards 2013” article over the weekend but it is taking much longer than I had anticipated and unfortunately won’t be ready by today as I had hoped. Just halfway done and it is already the biggest piece ever written for Counter Attack! Also, I am trying to make it look as good as it can as well. These things take time!

If you would like to find out how the process went down, if you would like to experience the civilized confrontations and listen in as they slowly spiral into madness then please do so! The two episodes below are quite long, but can easily be digested in short chunks as you exercise, draw, work, cook or lounge about and play games. We would love to hear feedback or your own winners for our categories as well in the comments below.
And remember, the real lengthy beast that is the “Counter Attack Game of the Year Awards 2013” is coming within the next few days, but you can get the early scoop below!

CC! Trio 2

CA! Radio: GOTY Awards 2013 Part One (12/30/2013)
♪The year 2013 is over and thus it is time for the CA! Gang to recognize the best gaming had to offer. From art to story the group battle and vote.♪ DownloadiTunes

CA! Radio: GOTY Awards 2013 Part Two (12/30/2013)
♪In part two of the 2013 game of the year awards the CA! gang continue to debate for their top picks to walk away victorious.♪ DownloadiTunes


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