Game Music Bundle 6

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Videogames today feature some amazing soundtracks from incredibly talented composers and artists. From large scale AAA production studio’s to incredibly intimate but talented indie developers; game soundtracks feature entirely unique and awe inspiring compilations that can easily be enjoyed outside of the interactive experience.

Luckily LOUDR has partnered with numerous indie developers to allow gamers the opportunity to grab and enjoy up to 24 incredible and diverse soundtracks for a steal of a price at only $10. Game Music Bundle 6 features work from Hyperduck Soundworks, Ben Babbitt, Disasterpeace and many more talented musicians featured in games such as Dust: An Elysian Tail, Kentucky Route Zero, The Stanley Parable and Braid.

If you want hours of audio enjoyment then head on over to Game Music Bundle 6 and contribute to these talented individuals and the games themselves. Help spread the word on this project and enjoy the tunes.


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