Naughty Dog News

Tonight at Sony’s PS4 launch event the team at Naughty Dog released two bits of news. One is the first glimpse at the first Last of Us story based DLC while the other is the return of something old for something new.

First up is The Last of Us which will soon be getting additional single player content. This information was already known but nothing had yet been revealed about it, until now. The teaser shows Ellie and her friend Riley as they come across a merry little discovery. In the DLC players will take control of Ellie on this short journey. More Last of Us is a good thing but i’m a little disappointed at this prequel story, as we already know how it all ends.

The second bit of news was a new trailer for the PlayStation 4. The teaser slowly reveals a map revealing itself while a stern voice recalls the betrayal of someone close to him. The video concludes with the simple title of Uncharted.

Look, I love Naughty Dog and I have been extremely excited to see what the team could do with the great tech behind the PS4. The studio is unbelievably talented. But, overall, I can’t help but be disappointed by both of these announcements. By the end of The Last of Us you not only know about Ellies past but also her current situation. Uncharted 3 brought big revelations for the entire trilogy and ended in a very satisfactory way for all involved. So why dig up both of these stories? I’m sure they will both be good experiences, but I really really wanted Naughty Dog to at least try something new on the powerful PlayStation 4 hardware.

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