One Year Letter & Giveaway “Closed”


-One Year Letter-


One year and one month. That’s how long I have been fiddling, editing, and screwing around on this here lil site. Counter Attack Games was initially set up by a friend of mine, Jeff, around April of 2012, but he couldn’t find the time to do much with it and asked if I would like to start writing for it and taking care of it. Towards the end of September I began tinkering with WordPress and learning how to go about adjusting the look and feel of the thing and then finally wrote my first piece for it.

My Borderlands 2 review would go up on October 2nd and now, over 300 posts later, CA! as I call it looks and feels nothing like it did way back when. This blog is still very much a little thing and I have had to take the last five months off from focusing on it due to an extreme work schedule, but it is still here and is now once again a larger focus for me. Starting now I can once again begin to update CA! with new reviews, impressions, features, and news. Who knows, I may even get some help from the rest of the lazy bastards around here!

Before I started writing for CA! I didn’t know much about blogs or how exactly they work. I knew they were quite prevalent within the internet and across the world, but I never knew about the feeling of partnership and camaraderie that they could bring. That makeup the entire structure. There are thousands upon thousands of great writers and artists that form the base of the tower that is sites such as WordPress and Tumblr. From the views, likes, comments, and awards; sites such as WordPress are not only a great outlet for your thoughts and views, but also to meet other talented individuals, like minded or not.

To those people who have visited CA! and commented and liked and conversed with me on Twitter, I thank you.

Experimenting on Counter Attack has been a fun and rewarding experience for me. I have always been one to imagine and dream big, one with an active imagination. But I have also always been one to dream too big, and my limited skills and resources often lead to many unfinished projects. CA! is a little different. This site is still not anywhere near where I wish to get it one day. But it is growing. By starting small and slowly working it up, adding on and growing the range of content, I have been able to not get too frustrated with it, with my lack of knowledge and abilities. CA! is still growing and will continue to do so. And that’s pretty cool.

The first year of CA! had many rough spots, but overall I am pretty happy with it, and it also feels much longer than just a year! Some of the numbers and events that have come about are pretty awesome when I think about it and I am very excited to continue to try to get Counter Attack where I want it over the next 12 months. Hopefully you’ll stick around and experience it with us too.

Year One Review:

  • Officially involved in October 2012
  • Halo 4 wins our 2012 GOTY
  • Expand with Podcasts and Youtube in January
  • CA! Radio makes its way onto iTunes on April 25th
  • Great artist A4man provides CA! with awesome artwork in May
  • CA! dabbles in Twitch
  • Broaden scope with Film, Television, and Music.
  • 347 Posts
  • 45 Reviews
  • 32 Episodes of CA! Radio
  • 5 Youtube videos
  • 90 Songs with Quick Tunes
  • 40 + games given away.


-Great Story Giveaway-


Now to get to the part you actually care about, the giveaway! To celebrate one year of CA! goodness I have acquired three games that each share one thing in common, great stories. The three titles being given away couldn’t be further from one another when it comes to their styles and mechanics, but each one brings with it top notch storytelling and presentation. So up for grabs are three games that you can easily add to your fancy Steam Library on PC.

Now with this contest I will be trying something a little different. Unlike our previous multi-game giveaways, where we asked for visitors to comment with the one game they wish to win, this time each entrant not only has a chance to win their preferred title, but also the chance of winning all three games in the contest!

This is how it works. I have chosen a number between 1 and 47 and each person who wishes to enter the giveaway may simply comment below with their guess as to what that number is. In your comment simply write down the number and the game you would prefer to walk away with. I will choose three winners who are closest to the number I have chosen and those three winners will walk away with their chosen games on Steam, with preference going towards those who commented first.  HOWEVER if someone correctly guesses the exact number I have chosen, that individual will walk away with all three games and there will be no winning for those closest to the number. If somehow multiple people guess my exact number then those names will be put into a hat and drawn at random.

Entry Period:
This is a chance for either three individual winners to each walk away with fancy new games to enjoy or one mega winner who nabs them all, I think that’s pretty exciting. The entry period ranges from today, Sunday November 3rd to Saturday November 9th at 9 PM Mountain Time.

The number was 31
Congratulations to our Winners
“C.T. Murphy, Abdirahman, and Sam Leung”

10 thoughts on “One Year Letter & Giveaway “Closed”

  1. Congrats on making it to a year, guys! I really enjoy the blog and podcast. Can’t wait to see what other things are in store for your blog. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Congratulations man! So for the giveaway let’s says number 7 and then let’s says Bioshock Infinite. I think it’s best game out of the three so it’s the one I’m more eager to play (already played Deus Ex and I also think it’s quite good though)


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