CA! Radio Episode 33: Techpocalypse

CC! Trio 2

Episode 33: Techpocalypse (11/01/2013)
♪Join the CA! gang as they do battle over free to play games, next gen purchases, upgrading computers and new television.♪ Download.  iTunes

This week CA! provides the world with two episodes of CA! Radio, our weekly Podcast where we talk about whatever makes us smile (or makes us angry) into microphones. Earlier this week we put up Episode 32: The Ghost Whisperer, and today Episode 33 is here.

If any of our visitors to the site listen to this show we would love to know about it. Comment below with your thoughts or even take a minute to Rate us or Subscribe to us through the iTunes application. You can also send us Questions or Discussion Topics whenever you like right here, or even on Twitter.


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