South Park Release Date and Trailer

South Park and the Stick of Truth has had a long and rough development cycle. From tweaks and script edits still occurring this far in development to the fallout of THQ and the subsequent purchase by Ubisoft, a purchase South Park Studio’s themselves had issue with, its a remarkable feat that the game was still listed as a 2013 release. With the year winding down many, myself included, had doubts the game would make this holiday season. Now however, Ubisoft have officially announced a December 10th release for the comedic RPG.

Along with a December 10th date the company have also unveiled the “Grand Wizard Edition” of the title, which includes a map of the South Park kingdom and a Cartman Grand Wizard figure as well as additional pre order DLC. I have high hopes for this one and hopefully in December we will see if the game pans out.

Check out the new trailer below.

One thought on “South Park Release Date and Trailer

  1. Well I am glad I know the release date for this game, looks hilarious! Thank you Counter Attack! for letting me know when this game is coming out, plus that trailer was pretty sweet! Hope to see more useful info in the future!


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