Quick Tunes! 09/29

Hello folks!
It’s been quite a bit since CA! was last updated with content of any real meat and value, but hopefully that will begin to change starting today. While I have been posting pieces related to our weekly Podcast, there hasn’t been anything of actual substance to gorge on and chew that will tide you over until the next course. That however will begin to change starting tomorrow with a written First Impressions from our MMO guru Chris related to the hot new title Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. After that there should be a (very late) review for the latest entry in the fun open world title that everyones talking about, Saints Row IV! People are still talking about that right? There isn’t a new massive open world crime game that came out recently and stole the Saints thunder is there? Probably not.

So look forward to at least two new impressions for those games and hopefully more written pieces in the near future as I try to grease up these gears and get CA! back into action. Now in the meantime how about a return to form for our little weekly piece called Quick Tunes!

Natural Selection 2: Main Theme

Pikmin 3: Main Theme

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm: Main Theme

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons: Main Theme

Grand Theft Auto V: Sleepwalking


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